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  1. ge66

    As designed Default (no selected tab) navigation don't show up in off canvas menu

    This is nothing new. But I still think it's kind of a bug. Default (no selected tab) navigation doesn't show up under off canvas menu.
  2. ge66

    XF 2.1 What is "View your identities" about?

    A user wondered what "View your identities" under Privacy: is related to. And I actually don't know.
  3. ge66

    Won't fix 0 Alerts

    I don't think I have seen this on 2.1 and it is, as designed. I am not really sure how it happened, maybe I read the thread where someone reacted to my post before looking at the alert.
  4. ge66

    See how many up-voted and down-voted

    If you have a suggestion-thread and allows both up-votes and down-votes. It would be nice to see how many disliked the suggestion. Some suggestions you either like or don't care about. Other suggestions you really dislikes. I think it would be very informative if admins and users could see...
  5. ge66

    Implemented Do not center avatar/userinfo on articles

    I think it would look better, especially on bigger screens, to have the avatar to the right or maybe the left instead of centered below the article.
  6. ge66

    As designed Upvoting made number go down

    I went to an old thread: Scheduled Thread / Post Below the up arrow it said 117, I pressed the up arrow and the number changed to 116. I think this has to do with that I already had liked the thread way back. But I think this is a bug.
  7. ge66

    XF 2.1 Number of replies

    I have a thread that have 1824 replies, why is it showing up as 2K replies? I think it should be 1.8K or 1.82K? Is there some place I can change this?
  8. ge66

    XF 2.1 Usertag problem with Samsung keyboard

    After updating from xf2 to xf2.1 users with android samsung keyboard will not get a space after the username when usertagging. If they try to put in a space themselfs the usertag link breaks. Updating to 2.1.1 did not help.
  9. ge66

    Cannot reproduce No warning conversation when temporary banned

    If a user gets a warning by a moderator the user gets a conversation with a link. If a user gets a warning that leads to banning they do not get a warning conversation, not before and not after the banning ends. I think this is a bug and think they should get the conversation first and then get...
  10. ge66

    XF 2.0 Register problem

    I tested to register on my site. First I used a name that was already used. I filled in all the other fields correctly and pressed the button. It then works for about 30 seconds it then stops, still on the same page, with "Question and Answer"-answer removed. No other information about errors or...
  11. ge66

    Not a bug Minimum age can be set when date of birth is not required

    I do think this is sort of a bug. A bit more on it in this thread:
  12. ge66

    XF 2.0 Sidebar behave like sidenav

    Have anybody done this and/or can help out. I would like to try to have the sidebar as an offcanvas under a button just like sidenav, but on the right, on small screens. I think it would be better to have it slide in from the right, instead of having to scroll a lot to find it at the bottom of...
  13. ge66

    Fixed Online marker on touch screen

    Some users that only use mobile wondered what the green thing top left on the avatar was. If you are on a computer you can hover over it and see that it is an online marker. I do not think that is possible on touch screens at the moment?
  14. ge66

    Sticky menu hidden on iphone/ipad but still there accepting clicks

    Can not test this myself (have no ios-device), but users report that when they write a post on ios and as an example tries to insert a smiley by clicking the smilies-icon in the editor menu they get thrown to another part of the site. Most likely the top sticky menu is hidden and when they try...
  15. ge66

    Fixed Cookie notice accept not remembered

    A user reported this, and I tested here on If you log out you get the cookie notice, if you then accept it and log in and then log out you get it again. Another probably related problem/bug. If you goto as a guest and accept the cookie notice and then...
  16. ge66

    XF 2.0 Force HTTPS and new domain name via htaccess?

    Today I have as my domain. I want to rewrite it to via .htaccess Force https and .se and www. Thanks for any quick help.
  17. ge66

    XF 2.0 Way to remove like from conversations

    Is there any easy way to remove the possibility to like in conversations?
  18. ge66

    Fixed Problem with link in automatic checking for new messages

    I have users complaining about the link they get when composing a reply, about new messages. The problem is that the link about new messages takes them to their own and last message. They then miss the other new messages that the link is about.
  19. ge66

    Lack of interest Custom thread fields not using link proxy

    I have a custom thread field where I paste links to news on other sites. I thought these links would show up in Link proxy log when clicked, but they do not.
  20. ge66

    As designed Moderator bar shows but it shouldn't

    Just updated my forum to XF2. Reports now goes to forum. My moderators don't have permission to approve /reject users. They say that they now see the moderator bar with only that choice. It shouldn't be seen because they can't do anything in the moderator bar.