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    Limiting discussion view widgets

    So I currently have my articles section turned into the appropriate node type, and realized how it would make for a REALLY good cms. However' setting the nodes to show for discussion view stuff affects every node. If there was a way I could limit what nodes those widgets appeared on, the...
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    GeezeZone - The Repository of the Retro.

    Hello everyone! I would like to introduce my new website: GeezeZone Link to the forum. About: It's a new forum designed for the discussion of all things 90's and 2000's nostalgia! It's meant to be for the nostalgic to discuss 90's and 2000's internet culture, memes, websites, memes, games...
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    <=)oQ Army Qo(=>

    I just started this website 6 days ago, so it's still getting started, but I figured thoughts and critique couldn't hurt. I started up the Q Army community forum back in 2007, but I had since lost touch of old members. I'm hoping to maybe bring back some old faces.