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  1. rickhz

    Google's latest complaint

    They just started a new metric within the Google Search Console, "Core Web Vitals". They claim I have 44,000+ poor URLs for mobile, slightly less for desktop. Here is their resource pages on the issues: Funny thing it it's Google's own ads which are...
  2. rickhz

    XF 2.1 Ebay RSS feed issue

    I setup an RSS feed from Ebay today. When it ran for the first time it filled 4 pages with posts. I spammed my own forum.. ;) Is there a way to limit how many posts it makes at one time?
  3. rickhz

    XF 2.1 Permissions issue

    My moderators group is allowed to undelete posts. My Elite member group is not. One of my moderators told me that he couldn't undelete a post. I checked all moderator permissions and they were set correctly. Then I noticed he was also a member of the Elite group. Shouldn't the moderator...
  4. rickhz

    XF 2.1 Archive in 2.x?

    Google picked up an error Is the archive part of 2.x? I did a search in the Admin Control Panel and found no reference to it.
  5. rickhz

    XF 2.1 Add space between post content, and signature area

    I would like a bit more room between the content of posts and the signature area below. Could someone point me in the right direction?
  6. rickhz

    XF 2.1 Sitemap not creating split pages None of the split pages are working. It appears they are not being written to the server. A couple examples...
  7. rickhz

    XF 2.1 Some links from 1.5 directing to log in page now Any idea what happened that would cause this behavior?
  8. rickhz

    XF 2.1 Is there a color map?

    Is there a map showing how color designations apply to specific areas of the pages? I just tried to change my page background color to a dark blue which then hid the dark text for categories. I then used a lighter color for the text that became hidden, but it also affected text that was within...
  9. rickhz

    XF 2.1 Where do I find ad locations?

    I used to use this as a reference for 1.x.x Is there a similar map for 2.x.x? " First thing I looked for were the usual templates for ad locations. None of them are used in the latest version. ad_above_content...
  10. rickhz

    XF 1.5 Breadcrumbs issues detected - Warning message from Google. schema deprecated First detected: 1/23/20 Status: Warning I am not sure if this is an issue with the out of the box Xenforo, or if it's a problem with an add-on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 4 valid items detected: All have warnings Valid items with warnings are...
  11. rickhz

    XF 1.5 Sitemap not being indexed by Google

    Google has been showing "success" in downloading the sitemap regularly, yet Google Webmaster's page shows zero indexed pages.
  12. rickhz

    XF 1.5 Redirect issue

    Our Xenforo forum was originally a Vb3.x forum. This is what's happening: This works: How to replace upper intake manifold gaskets This doesn't: Ford Explorer and...
  13. rickhz

    XF 1.5 Error - "Please enter a message with no more than 10 images"

    I get that error message even though I have the limit set higher than 10 in Options/Attachments. Where else is this parameter set?
  14. rickhz

    Prompt to change password for V1.x

    I'm looking for an add on which would prompt members to change their password and not let them proceed until they do.
  15. rickhz

    XF 1.5 Issue with oldest posts in forum from 1999

    Here is a thread from 1999: Notice that all of the posters are shown as Guests. Here is a thread from 2011 started by the member Hix who posted in the 1999 thread and shows him as a "Guest"...
  16. rickhz

    Google nailed me for malware can't find it...

    Here is the URL they gave me:;1362239171;1509496144855627 I thought I had eliminated it by removing Infolinks, but even though I cannot find any instance of in my source code, Google still claims it's on my forum. Any help would...
  17. rickhz

    Dedicated database server - Questions

    My host and my Linux backend guy have both recommended that I start using a dedicated server just for the Xenforo database. The forum has over 300,000 registered members and is very active. My question is, what needs to be changed within Xenforo so that it will pull from the new database...
  18. rickhz

    Add-on PhotoPost integration

    PhotoPost was working with our Xenforo installation until one of the latest Xenforo upgrades. The person I have working on the backend hasn't been able to get it back up. Is there anyone who is familiar with PhotoPost that might be able to help us out...
  19. rickhz

    XF 1.5 Ad below 1st and 10th post?

    I have a conditional already set for showing an ad after the 1st post, but I have not been able to successfully place an ad after the 10th post. Could someone please point me in the right direction? TIA
  20. rickhz

    XF 1.5 Https on login and registration only?

    I just started to get an insecure warning in Google Chrome, but only on the login / registration pages. Is there a way to enable https just for the login, and registration pages? I did try to move everything to https back near the end of 2015 and earnings from Adsense fell through the floor...