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  1. Overscan

    improve handling of upgrades and updates, PLEASE

    The system is adequate at present EXCEPT for the lack of visual differentiation between major and minor version upgrade. The normal warnings are adequate for minor upgrades. for major version upgrades the wording should be different. The upgrade process is usually pretty smooth, so I don't...
  2. Overscan - aviation/military/aerospace community

    Update - now on Xenforo 2.2 with Dark Mode option via Shades of Grey style (lightly edited). Forum is 15 years old at the end of December! .
  3. Overscan

    XF 2.2 Block animated GIF avatars

    Great! Installing now :)
  4. Overscan

    XF 2.2 Block animated GIF avatars

    I HATE animated GIF avatars. One of my beta users did this on my 2.2 Test forum. Its like the 2020 version of the blink tag. Short of disabling GIFs as attachments, is it possible to stop just animated GIFs being used as avatars?
  5. Overscan

    XF 2.2 Possible to display attachment limits to user in reply?

    My forum has a limit of 15 attachments per page, 8Mb attachments in total. It might be useful for people to know this when making a post or reply. On SMF forum, the "upload" function told you how many more attachments you could add. Missing this in Xenforo.
  6. Overscan

    XF 2.2 Attachment thumbnails now square random crop... changeable?

    Thanks Andy - that's a valid workaround. I prefer the images as thumbnails after the message rather than in the body. It makes sense in the context of my forum. I appreciate this may not be a big use case.
  7. Overscan

    XF 2.2 Attachment thumbnails now square random crop... changeable?

    Nobody else affected by this issue? It's quite annoying.... No uploads are square, a 5:4 aspect ratio crop would be better...
  8. Overscan

    NGinx Xenforo

    If you don't understand the basics of nginx, php etc, then you need a managed hosting provider who understands what they are doing for you. The onus should be on them to resolve it.
  9. Overscan

    Index issues

    There's a million ways to do it. Redirects in nginx, apache, .htaccess files, a simple php script. For starters, if there's only a forum on the domain, then don't stick the forum in a subfolder in the first place, and the index.php in the root will be the forum index.
  10. Overscan

    XF 2.1 How to span full header with logo

    Did you mean something like this? I did this by cheating - the logo image is the airplane model and the text in a PNG with transparency, then I have the sky as a background image for the entire header / logo row (Style Settings - Header) with some CSS code: You could just remove the logo...
  11. Overscan

    XF 2.2 Xenforo 2.2 smilar threads

    Sorry, was asleep. Mine's set to 768MB maximum. I'm planning to add Redis as well, so will probably upgrade to 4GB VPS.
  12. Overscan

    Partial fix Kiwi browser and xenforo 2.2

    I have a stubborn user insisting on using an old Webkit-based browser (Maxthon 4.9) and he has similar issues.
  13. Overscan

    XF 2.2 Xenforo 2.2 smilar threads

    Absolutely correct. MySQL search is awful. However my old forum software (SMF Forum) built their own search engine which built an index much like a budget version of Elastic, so upgrading to XenForo came as a shock.
  14. Overscan

    XF 2.2 Xenforo 2.2 smilar threads

    I found the default search in Xenforo unusably poor. It works great with XFES and ElasticSearch + Xon's Search Essentials.
  15. Overscan

    XF 2.2 Attachment thumbnails now square random crop... changeable?

    Original pic: pic as thumbnail: Crop appears to be left, centre of image. Is this intended? Seems unlikely.
  16. Overscan

    XF 2.2 Attachment thumbnails now square random crop... changeable?

    So, mostly I like the updated attachment handling, but I'm not a fan of the cropped square thumbnails. It it possible to keep the original picture aspect ratio in the thumbnail? Or at least have a larger crop? My large image attachments are given some random small square of the picture as a...
  17. Overscan

    XF 2.2 Xenforo 2.2 smilar threads

    I run my forum ( just fine in 2GB of RAM including Elasticsearch / XFES. Have 1GB spare even :) Using nginx as web server - memory consumption was far higher with Apache. Threads: 27,091 Messages: 403,767 Daily users: 700 - 1000 (17000+members) Daily posts: 150-250
  18. Overscan

    XF 2.1 Has anyone made Xenforo look like a social site yet?

    I believe only way for forums to compete with Facebook Groups, Reddit etc is to have unique content. I'm not sure how an influx of morons is going to help that. I tend to ban posters for being idiots, they pollute the waters for the rest of us. If your goal is simply more eyeballs to increase...
  19. Overscan

    Is It Just Me Or Does The New FaceBook Look Now Look Like A Forum?

    It's hilariously poor. Whoever at Facebook is responsible for "design responsiveness" needs sacking. If you have a high resolution and wide monitor you end up with a tiny strip of posts in the middle and oceans of white space. You still can't actually see much of the posts. Its significantly...
  20. Overscan

    max_user_connections (30) exceeded messages

    I doubt they have access to do this from the info in the post - presumably on shared hosting. The "multiple external images in a topic each calling proxy.php" seems to be a likely cause of this error. I host all images locally in Xenforo attachments so it wouldn't apply to my site. Its possibly...