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  1. Gary

    As designed Resources - No version number when "Does Not Have A File"

    In Resources, if you choose "Does not have a file", then the version number does not show, even if you enter one. For me, the version number is still important because I want my members to know what version of the file they are downloading. Also, it allows me to keep the history and post...
  2. Gary

    XF 2.1 Add wording to XFMG submission page

    I want to add some wording above the Save button on the Add Media page (basically some submission rules). I have looked through the templates and can't seem to find where to make this modification. Can someone point me to the right place. Thanks!
  3. Gary

    XF 1.5 Sparkpost

    I tried setting up Sparkpost to use with Xenforo, but the email says it's sent, but doesn't seem to have sent (never shows as sent in Sparkpost, and never received). Here are the settings I am using. SMTP Server: Port: 587 Authentication: Username and Password Username...
  4. Gary

    XF 1.5 Attempted Login IPs

    I am getting swamped with attempted logins for my new site, with over 100 different IPs constantly on my site. From the ones I have been able to identify by server logs, many are known spammers. With the xf_login_attempt table I can easily tell which ones are trying to force attempted logins, by...
  5. Gary

    XF 1.4 Baidu as Guest

    It appears all of the Baidu visits to my site are appearing as Guests (IP I see they are listed in Session.php to detect as a Robot, so any idea what may be causing them to appear otherwise?
  6. Gary

    Duplicate Auto Welcome New Users

    There was a vB mod that allowed you to auto welcome new users. You could create multiple messages, such as "My Site would like to welcome NEWUSERNAME as the newest member of our site. How about tell us a little bit about yourself." or whatever you wanted, and a random message would appear into...
  7. Gary

    Lack of interest Welcome Emails / Admin Notification Emails / Disable Require Validation

    I may be missing this, but are welcome emails sent to users after they have verified their account? Also, is there a way to send a notification email to the admin each time a new user registers at the site? If not, could these be implemented. Also, is there a way to disable having users be...
  8. Gary

    Lack of interest Disable Insert Thumbnail / Full Size Attachments

    Can you make it so that the admin can disable the insert thumbnail or full size attachments option, and allow it to only add as an attachments. I want to keep everything uniform, and by allowing people to post inline images can mess this up.
  9. Gary

    Insert Thumbnail / Full Size Attachments

    Is there a way to disable this option? All I want is people to be able to add an attachment and it show the thumbnail there. I do not want them to be able to insert the thumbnail or full image inline in the post.
  10. Gary

    Not a bug  Changing Usernames Issue

    If the admin changes a users name for them, even after rebuilding everything in the database, it will still reflect that a post was made by the old username and not update it to the username. For example The original post is made by Bob. It displays as: Latest: The Title of the Thread Bob...
  11. Gary

    Beta 2 Release / Server Requirements List

    Any approximation as to when Beta 2 will be coming out (days, weeks, months) for those of us who are having installation issues that Mike said Beta 2 would hopefully resolve. I'm eager to get started with it, so I am kind of in limbo until this release. BTW... is there a comprehensive list of...
  12. Gary

    Problem Installing / No Server Respose

    Is there any type of script that will check to see if you have everything necessary to install on your server? I have uploaded and when I go to /install, all it shows in Firefox is waiting for I am sure it is probably something missing from my server configuration.