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  1. dilbert


    Thank you. Would the new system import current IPS blogs into the article system?
  2. dilbert


    One of my sites uses blogs instead of forums. They have no interest in using the forum features. I didn't see how much the blog add on is, does XF have a built-in blog? I am trying to avoid add-ons. Thanks
  3. dilbert

    Custom blocks / widgets

    Can I post HTML in a custom block / widget that will display on every page? I have this posted for ads now: <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- document.write('<s'+'cript type="text/javascript" src=""></s'+'cript>'); // --> </script>...
  4. dilbert

    Active License

    Hi, Is an active license required to download resources? IPS just changed their plan and I have three licenses with them. Not happy. Thanks
  5. dilbert

    Anyone here bought a Tesla?

    My wife has a Model 3. I don't like that I need to touch the steering wheel every 30 seconds.
  6. dilbert

    Fun & Moment of nostalgia. Kier in 2007-2008

    He needs a bigger lens.
  7. dilbert

    The Original OG's of Xenforo

    July 29 for me. Sorry to say, I don't use xenForo for my sites though.
  8. dilbert

    What happened to the first post circle?

    Doesn't seem to work that way for me, I always seem to go to the first post. I liked the circle, I don't always want to go to the first new post, sometimes I like to read from the beginning again. Oh well.
  9. dilbert

    What happened to the first post circle?

    A while back, the circle I could click to go to the first new post disappeared. Now I go to the first post, not the first new post all of the time. It's on this site. Is it a setting? I haven't changed anything.
  10. dilbert

    Apple Fall Event - iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and Watch 3

    Fair points, to me I just don't understand the Apple fascination. They are adequate products, better at some things, behind in others. I was at the mall when the iPad2 (or maybe 3 - I don't keep up with Apple products) was released. There was a line of people through the mall and spilling out...
  11. dilbert

    Apple Fall Event - iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and Watch 3

    I'm not an iBrainWashee and really don't get the hype over iProducts. I didn't listen to the "big" announcement yesterday, but listened to an over enthusiastic NPR commentator yesterday talk about the new, exciting and groundbreaking features such as edge to edge display, no more home button...
  12. dilbert

    Does anyone feel like this is the next-gen of forums?

    I've been following this software since the vB days. It's "ok" to me. As a simpleton end user I find the editor, in particular quotes, very clunky and not intuitive.
  13. dilbert

    Inbox By Gmail

    I still use the old gmail, I don't like inbox at all.
  14. dilbert

    Buying a mobile (cell) phone & contract in the US

    Well at least you'll have a cell phone so you can text and drive.
  15. dilbert

    What's your dream place to live?

    Anywhere my wife lives is paradise.
  16. dilbert

    PhotoPost Closing Up Shop???

    I don't see that message. I have an inactive license, it was going to let me renew it. Seems like you can still order to me? It would be sad if they closed too, but it's likely inevitable with vB declining as it is. I hope that simple statement...
  17. dilbert

    Recumbent Bikes & Trikes

    Yup, it was one of the first that I bought when I started riding a few years ago. It's a Primal.
  18. dilbert

    Recumbent Bikes & Trikes

    I run a cycling forum, but instead of talking cycling, it's more of a hangout. Square Wheels Cycling One of the members has had MS for over 10 years, they are avid cyclist and rides on the dirt a lot. Their doc thinks that keeping active has helped keep MS in check. They're very inspiring...
  19. dilbert

    Import from IPS4

    IPS is releasing version 4 of their software. Silly me (totally my fault) I installed the release candidate and my site is essentially unusable at this time. This is frustrating because it's a fairly new site that was doing well. Do you have an import tool for version 4? If yes, I'll buy...
  20. dilbert

    Inbox By Gmail

    I don't like it. I tried, I really did, but I went back to the "old" Gmail.