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  1. dilbert


    One of my sites uses blogs instead of forums. They have no interest in using the forum features. I didn't see how much the blog add on is, does XF have a built-in blog? I am trying to avoid add-ons. Thanks
  2. dilbert

    Custom blocks / widgets

    Can I post HTML in a custom block / widget that will display on every page? I have this posted for ads now: <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- document.write('<s'+'cript type="text/javascript" src=""></s'+'cript>'); // --> </script>...
  3. dilbert

    Active License

    Hi, Is an active license required to download resources? IPS just changed their plan and I have three licenses with them. Not happy. Thanks
  4. dilbert

    What happened to the first post circle?

    A while back, the circle I could click to go to the first new post disappeared. Now I go to the first post, not the first new post all of the time. It's on this site. Is it a setting? I haven't changed anything.
  5. dilbert

    Import from IPS4

    IPS is releasing version 4 of their software. Silly me (totally my fault) I installed the release candidate and my site is essentially unusable at this time. This is frustrating because it's a fairly new site that was doing well. Do you have an import tool for version 4? If yes, I'll buy...
  6. dilbert


    How do I change my username on this site? Thanks
  7. dilbert

    A few questions

    I am another unhappy vb customer that is looking to move. Is this CKEditor? If yes, can we use a different skin for it? Your site looks so sleek, but this editor looks like i's from the 70's. :rolleyes: I am currently using vBadvance's Dynamics for a downloads section. Is there a Download...