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  1. Breixo

    Advanced Forms for XenForo [Paid]

    Hi @Snog Is there any option to add a user to a user group depending on the answer? I mean, user arrives to a 3 Single selection radio button. if answer is A, user is added to group1 if answer is B, user is added to group2 if answer is C, user is added to group3 The only alternative I foud is...
  2. Breixo

    XF 2.1 Some way to hihglight messages with more tha X reactions?

    Tried this but it's not working for me: Not the same approach but maybe it helps. BTW, if you find a way to highlight based on reactions let me know :)
  3. Breixo

    XPress - A theme and bridge for bringing WordPress into XenForo

    Glad I'm not the only one... Not using cloudflare, but same error... root: Wordpress 5 /community/: Xf 2.1
  4. Breixo

    [AH] Gamer Profiles

    Great! Thanks a lot for your fast reply! I tried it but... it works with all social networks but youtube: Tried with both codes (with and without link). Tried with username, channel, url... at Youtube field. Nothing. Any idea why is this happening @Matt C. ?
  5. Breixo

    [AH] Gamer Profiles

    Hi! In my forum (Tactical theme from Themehouse) with this instalation the icons get duplicated: Previous 2.0.4 was working ok (same style issues). Anyway, I find it more useful if nofollow target-blank links can be added to this gamer profiles :) Hope you can add this feature soon. PS: is it...
  6. Breixo

    Highlight Threads made by Premium members?

    Anyone? Can't make it work :(
  7. Breixo

    Convert YouTube videos straight to BB code when imported via RSS feed.

    I'd love to achieve that too... :rolleyes:
  8. Breixo

    [AH] Gamer Profiles

    Would love this too. Thanks for the plugin @Matt C.
  9. Breixo

    XPress - A theme and bridge for bringing WordPress into XenForo

    Getting a similar error. Both instalations within the same server without special permissions. Ticket opened.
  10. Breixo

    YouTube plugin + widget [Deleted]

    Hi @MattiGB Nice addon. I'd like to know if it is possible to change "live" for "last" youtube video. And instead of "live viewers" -> "Suscribers" I mean: add a sidebar widget with youtube channels. The ones showing would be the ones who uploaded the last videos. Display max = X youtube...
  11. Breixo

    XF 2.0 Facebook og:image property

    Thanks! Is that for XF2 or for XF1? I'm on XF2.1 Can't find that code.
  12. Breixo

    XF 2.0 Facebook og:image property

    Any update on this? :)
  13. Breixo

    Highlight Threads made by Premium members?

    Any clue? I tried adding {{ $post.User && $post.User.isMemberOf('999') ? 'your-class-name' : '' }} at several places but no results :(
  14. Breixo

    Highlight Threads made by Premium members?

    @Chris D @Xon any clue? Not sure if I need to add something like .message .your-class-name CSS is not my strength :cry: Thanks in advance!
  15. Breixo

    Highlight Threads made by Premium members?

    Same question here :) BTW, I'm not able to achieve any highlight :( Tried at post_macros: <article class="message message--post {{ $uix_condensed ? 'uix_message--condensed' : '' }} js-post js-inlineModContainer {{ $post.User && $post.User.isMemberOf('3') ? 'your-class-name' : '' }} {{...
  16. Breixo

    UI.X 2 [Paid]

    Hi! I wanted to highlight threads created by Premium users AND also highlight their individual posts. For the first, I tried this code from here: At post_macros template found: message...
  17. Breixo

    [tl] Image Optimizer for XF 2.x [Paid]

    Getting similar error here using 1.1.1: ErrorException: Mismatched result files. $expectedFiles=1 $actualFiles=0. Skipped... src/XF/Error.php:75 ErrorException: [tl] Image Optimizer: Seem failed to execute command...
  18. Breixo

    Best Answers vs Q&A vs both simultaneously?

    I've installed and tested both addons but not sure about which one to use: Should I use both? Best answered for most forums + Q&A only for those specifically...