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  1. Ptilly

    Group Images in Post Backgrounds

    Hiya, Would anyone know how to achieve something similar to how Zenimax Online Studios is adding an image to the background of administrator's posts? Or if there is an add-on that can achieve this? Thank You so much for any help or advice you can give on this!
  2. Ptilly

    XF 2 Server Roadmap and Release Notes Plugins

    Hiya, I am looking for someone to develop two add-ons for me that would show release notes/updates for our community, similar to this: If you're interested in developing this for me, please PM me with a price.
  3. Ptilly

    XF 2.1 Post Author Covers

    Hiya, I was wondering if anyone knew how something like this and this could be achieved, or if there was an add-on that achieved something similar to this? Basically just looking for people to be able to apply background photo's behind their avatar in threads. Thanks :)
  4. Ptilly

    A background/overlay?

    Hello everyone, Recently, I've been going to some forums, and have been seeing something in common with them, a diamond/ragged-edged overlay in the background that appears to load after the background image itself is loaded. I was wondering if any of you fine folks knew of such an add on...
  5. Ptilly

    [Post Ratings]: XenForo to IPB

    Hello Everyone, I was recently looking at the Post Ratings plugin after recently hearing that it might be available for Invision Power Board. Would anyone else know about this possibility?