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  1. paulj

    Credit Where Credit Is Due

    Hi guys, me again. I just wanted to pass on my thanks for making such a wonderful bit of kit. I successfully converted my site last night and since this morning, my phone has been going off all day with notifications from very happy members telling me how much of a good job I've done with the...
  2. paulj

    Converting Tonight

    So after messing around on my development site, it is time for me to do the conversion for real. I'll be starting a site backup in the next hour and then beginning the installation and conversion process. I'm excited and a little nervous. Wish me luck :)
  3. paulj

    XF 1.1 Search Results

    Evening, I've installed Xenforo on my development site, to check everything, before we make the switch permanent. I've converted an IP.Board installation and when my staff are testing the site search, the search is coming up with no results. All the topics and posts have transferred with no...
  4. paulj

    Fixed Importing from IP.Board 3.4 to Xenforo

    Evening everyone. I'm currently trying to do a test conversion. I've installed a clean copy of Xenforo and have transferred my IP.Board database. Using the Import Data tool in the ACP, I've selected the correct version of IP.Board I'm importing and have pointed to the correct database...
  5. paulj

    New Customer

    Evening guys, just wanted to post and say how impressed I am with everything I'm seeing here. So much in fact, that I've decided to move my IP.Board powered forum across. Yup, licence bought, so over the next week or so, I'm going to be starting the conversion :) Been looking at the new...