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  1. Skyuser

    Upgrading php from 5.4 to 5.5

    Hello everyone! What's the better way to upgrade php from 5.4 to 5.5 with saving all modules? Using yum list installed | grep php and manually installing everything?
  2. Skyuser

    Big optimization problems!

    Recently i started to monitor my server activity because pages with 20 posts ( large threads) opens very slowly. Page Time: 1.3822s Memory: 4.1461 MB (Peak: 5.3929 MB) Queries (10, time: 0.0136s, 1.0%) I have DigitalOcean VPS with 1 Gb Ram, nginx 1.4.7 with ngx_pagespeed + Apache, MySQL 5.5.6...
  3. Skyuser

    XF 1.2 Cant upload large files.

    Hello. I have a problem with uploading large files. Permissions in xenforo admin set to 100M In php.ini upload_max_filesize = 100M; post_max_size = 150M; Memory_limit = 256M; data and internal_data chmod set to 777; Still can not upload files larger than 12 M-15M; Always the same error;
  4. Skyuser


    Hello everyone, Guys, how can i add attachment in registration form? They idea is - when users registrating they attach some document scan, so i can manually check it. Thanks. PS Sorry for my english :)
  5. Skyuser

    Conversation max Inbox size

    Hello, Is there any way to make max inbox size for conversations because alot of users just not leaving them. Or mb make this feature: for example after 30 days with no activity conversation will be deleted. Thanks.
  6. Skyuser

    Uploading consuming alot of Ram.

    Hello, Guys help me to optimize my VPS for XenForo. I have 1 Gb ram 1 Xeon Core. Installed forum today. 20 online. This use 100 Mb ram but when 3 members uploading some attachments it tooks around 420 Mb Ram and more Using Apache+nginx as front/back-end Httpd.conf: MaxKeepAliveRequests 100...
  7. Skyuser

    Xenforo Registration manual approval.

    Hello, I turned off manual approval in ACP, but users still should be manually approved. What i should do?