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  1. zadow

    XF 1.5 Get forum icon instead of xenforo when pasting links on skype/ telegram

    Hello all I have this weird issue , when i paste a link from my forum on social media (skype and more) it shows the xenforo icon in the links. Anyway to change this behavior?
  2. zadow

    RM 1.2 Add Resource manager to node

    I quick question I install resource manager, and i see it in the top of the forum tab . But how do i add it to forum node, so resource page have its own forum node , just like the xenforo own forum node.
  3. zadow

    Lack of interest sync thread when new post system.

    I am not really sure what it is called but. In many other sites when you just posted, and some other person post just after you. Today, i have to press reload page (f5) to see if there is a new post. On many other sites and message systems, there is no need to keep reloading page. Many...
  4. zadow

    XF 1.5 [Solved]xenforo styles wont change in firefox.

    I just updated to xenforo 1.5.2 after that i updated black reponsive themes also to match new version of xenforo. But looks like xenforo 1.5.2 have a bug when using firefox. Styles cant update when when selecting styles in bottom of forum. I think its a xenforo problem, and not the actuall...
  5. zadow

    XF 1.4 How to set correct perrmission for intire install

    Wanna ask if my permissions are correct for intire install I have max permission from isp server 755. Now my Public_html is 755 all files recursive is 644 also in subfolders. And all folders recursive are 755 also in subfolders. if i then set internal_data and data to folder recursive 777...
  6. zadow

    Other [Solved]Twitter cards for xenforo.

    Hello all I spend alot of time promoting my forum on twitter. I Like the platform, and how fast you can get tons of visitors. So i setup a feed with twitterfeed, to auto post to twitter. Its farly easy i explain the steps You add the rss link to sections from diserered forum rss that you...
  7. zadow

    XF 1.3 Rebuild cache fails

    Ive had a problem recently. After i rebuild cache it jump to a page where it says, "ERROR The requested page could not be found". No Server Error log and all file are fine with health check. I disable all the plugins. Then in admin debug mode the error comes a little clearer says Jump to...
  8. zadow

    XF 1.3 Table errror due to Baidu spider

    Runing xenforo 1.3.3 Almost every night i get error and have to fix table in cpanel. Wanna hear if any having the same problem latelly, and any work around. using Current PHP version: 5.6 i have edited my DB name out. Server Error Mysqli statement execute error : Incorrect key file for...
  9. zadow

    XF 1.3 [Question] upgrading from 1.1.4 to latet 1.3[Answerd]

    Well gonna do a new try after my last attemp Would it be possible to upgrade from 1.14. to latest or do i have to do one by one. ive been affraid doing upgrades since my last failed attempt that put my forum...
  10. zadow

    XF 1.2 error after upgrading to 1.2.1

    I upgraded from 1.1.3 it said i went succecfull But now i get this error when going to my forum Server Error Mysqli prepare error: Table 'gravecrm_techbliss.xf_permission_cache_content_type' doesn't exist Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli->_prepare() in Zend/Db/Statement.php at line 115...
  11. zadow

    Spam,hackers Ban these ips on your server/site

    Hope its the right place to post this My forum was spammed with some chinese hackers. Aparently they can get, past the keycaptha plugin. They also attack your ftp, on your server. The ip range is below. dont know if it cn tell something, on my server log they looked at before registering...
  12. zadow

    Move thread up and down.

    Was going to write an tut on my site, but then i discover i cant move threads up and down, so the tut is basicly in reverse order :confused:. Thought it was the select , and move up down buttom, but no go. Search the forum here, didnt get me closer. Found the Newest Post First by Waindigo...
  13. zadow

    Other (Reguest) BB code Pastebin/gist Post real code in forum.

    One thing i really would like implimented, into the toolbar, is code bar with numbers in the left, just like code editors. So when in my forum , that have coding learning section, one could say in line ( exampel ) 20 the code is bad. Further i found two phpbb BBcode that does just that...
  14. zadow

    long Thread titles makes internal error 500

    Just installed xenforo today. version 1.1.3 have this with or with out my addons hide links to guest. Having only one trouble. dont know what is wrong, but when i make an thread, thats longer than 40 letters. i get this. Also if press back, to edit and make an thread thats smaller than 40...