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    Calendar [Paid]

    This looks very interesting, however I have some pre-sales questions: Is it possible to customize the "going" page to show a more compact view, incl. a custom field? And without the "new member", "messages" stuff. Something like: Name - Custom field Name - Custom field Name - Custom field...
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    Light style

    I can hardly insist for something that is free! But would be much appreciated for sure!
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    Light style

    I guess this is also why I now see errors in the log: Template error: Method canLike is not callable on the given object (XF\Entity\Post)
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    Light style

    Am on 2.1.10 patch 2 When trying to merge: The custom template is out of date but has been edited more recently than the parent. Merging can only be done by hand.
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    Light style

    I managed to fix the outdated Font Awesome icons myself, but how do I fix the outdated templates: conversation_message_macros post_macros Is it safe to keep using these, or will they be updated?
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    Sidebar Notices

    Any chance at a Xenforo 2.x version? This one was great!
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    XF2 [8WR] Discord Integration [Paid]

    I am on, opening the Discord Log within the Admin panel gives me this:
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    TPU: Detect and Block Spam Registrations

    I am having the same issues since recently, but have been on 1.6.6 for quite some time. I do have our external IP addresses added to the options. Also behind CF, but not since recently, anything I need to change for that to work? Or is there a way to just disable the hostname lookup otherwise...
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    XF2 [8WR] Discord Integration [Paid]

    Getting an error since installing the last update: ErrorException: Template error: Illegal string offset 'dir' internal_data/code_cache/templates/l1/s0/admin/option_template_EWRdiscord_roles.php:36 Stack trace #0...
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    User Mentions Improvements by Xon

    Thanks!, and my apologies for not checking the FAQ.
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    User Mentions Improvements by Xon

    Great add-on! Is it possible to retroactively enable "email on quote" for current users? I can set it as default for new users, but what about the users that are already in the system. Would be great.
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    Link Checker for XenForo 2.x by AddonsLab [Paid]

    Does this addon allow me to, for example, update all URL's that include a http:// tag to https:// ?
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    XF 2.1 Not remembering two-step verification sessions

    I also have this issue, but I only use one account in this specific Firefox container, so that should work fine. And I have Cloudflare cache for admin.php set to bypass.
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    [DBTech] DragonByte Credits [Paid]

    (pre-sales question) Can credits also be purchased using Stripe?
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    MMO Tooltips

    WoW tooltips not working for me on XF 1.5.9 and PHP 7.0. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Mass Delete Spam Users

    Would be great. Also have loads of accounts with spam in their Profile, which are not picked up by this plugin :(
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    Minecraft Avatar [Paid] [Deleted]

    This looks fun, purchased :)
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    Throw a dice [Paid] [Deleted]

    Same here, this looks very cool, but can only add this with proper permissions settings.
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    [bd] Rotating Ads

    Was just coming here to request this exact same thing ^ :P
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    [XFR] User Albums

    Would love support for: Or is it already possible to use that sidebar?