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    Pallette Question

    Is there an easier way to change the color scheme of a theme other than the Pallette? No offense, but it is so hard to know what color I'm changing. I basically have to change it to RED and then see what changed, then go back and pick a color that I like. Is there any other way? Thanks
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    internal_data Size

    Hi, My forum installation is currently 2.9gb which the internal_data folder taking 2.8gb of this data - is there any way to reduce this size or delete some of the data? Just wondering, is this where the attachments are stored? Thank you for your help
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    Will XenForo have Gallery?

    Hi Everyone, Long time member here. :) I've been getting numerous requests for a Gallery to be added to my forum, will this be a feature that is planned for future a XenForo release? I know that there are some commercial options available but I don't like to use too many addons as it makes...
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    Error Posting Message

    Hi, A member on my board is getting this weird ERROR 500 message (which I was able to reproduce) when he tries to write the following message, could anyone help me as to why this could be? It's only for long messages... Nothing shows up in the error log from admin panel unfortunately.
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    There was a problem uploading your file.

    Hi. I have just upgraded my server but I am getting this error. "There was a problem uploading your file." Is there any way of getting more details on the error? I made sure my data and internal_data was set to 777 and ran the file check without any problem. I've enabled debug mode but it...
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    Upgrading Server

    Hi guys, I have upgraded my server, unfortunately I am getting a bunch of errors on the new server. I have the same modules installed and I did a SQL dump and insert via commandline. I created a support request but it's the weekend and off-hours. :( Here is the error I am getting: An...
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    Memory Problem

    I was wondering if someone could help me... I am having this problem with my XenForo installation: PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3077474781 bytes) in Unknown on line 0 I've been able to remedy the situation by putting this line in my...
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    Going to Profile "Information" instead of "Profile Posts"

    Hi, I want the Forum Software to automatically go to the "Information" tab when clicking on a member's name or avatar, is this possible? I find it much more valuable information than in the Profile Posts.... Is this possible? Thanks! OnyxChase
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    How do I set the number of navigation pages to show at the bottom of forums and threads? I changed the text to the right and it's longer but it's messing up the page navigation. (see image) I think that if I have 4 or 5 page links instead of 7 it will fit horizontally. I tried looking in the...
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    Official Supported Styles?

    Hi. I was wondering if there was any other styles officially supported by XenForo other than the one it comes with. I want my board to fit in a page only 827px wide and it looks a little funny with this style. If there isn't is there anyone who could recommend someone who sells them or can make...
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    URL forums/forums ?

    Hi, When I browse the list of forums on my forum root it gives me a weird URL: There should only be one forums, it works fine when visiting threads Is...
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    Delete Poll?

    How can I delete a poll? Am I blind or does this feature not exist?
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    Fixed  Changing Sex

    If I go to Personal Details and change my Sex and click on SAVE, I get the error "Unspecified Error".
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    Fetching Template

    Hello, I'm wondering, how can I fetch the data of a template for an addon/external script? Also, is there a way to list the names of the templates used in a page? I remember in vBulletin you could have debug on and it would list you all of the templates at the bottom of the page. It'd be very...
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    Text Editor Width

    Sorry if this has been posted somewhere, I tried to search but couldn't find the answer. Where can I control the width of the text editor in "More Options"? I'd like it to be the same length as the quick reply editor. Thanks in advance ;)
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    unZip at Command Prompt

    Is there a way to easily unZip the package at command line with auto-overwrite all files? It takes forever to upload all the files one by one. :) Thanks in advance! ;)
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    Buying Smilies with Trophy Points?

    Why not have an add-on that members can buy Smilies with their Trophy Points? :)
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    Editing Comment of Comment

    Is there a reason we can't edit comment of a comment in a member's profile? I can only see the Delete link.
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    Importing vBulletin xf_thread.first_post_id

    Just noticed that xf_thread.first_post_id is not imported (or calculated) when importing from vBulletin. Not a big deal to fix, it was breaking one of my mods but I fixed it.
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    Fixed  Current location bug?

    Hello, I don't know if this is a bug or what, but when I look at my profile it says: ... is Viewing forum list. If I refresh once, it still says Viewing forum list, if I refresh quickly twice it will say Viewing Member profile... Is the Ajax loading the forum list or something???