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  1. Jon12345

    Duplicate Set Forum type default

    I would like to set the default type for some of my forums to Question.
  2. Jon12345

    XF 2.2 Displaying threads started counts on hover

    A member today complained that the "threads started" count was not as accessible as it was on vBulletin 3.1. Is there any option to show thread counts when you hover over the persons name?
  3. Jon12345

    XF 2.2 Search forums - single word

    I have created a search forum where I want it to display any thread that has the word Troll in it. But when I use Troll in the search box, it also shows threads which have the word controlling. How do I set it so it only finds the word Troll?
  4. Jon12345

    XF 2.2 Flashing alert number

    Since upgrading to 2.2, some members are getting a flashing alert number over the bell when they refresh the page. See attached video. Any ideas why?
  5. Jon12345

    Similar Threads - does it reduce posting?

    Before upgrading to Xenforo 2.2, I had a Similar Threads add-on that would only show the similar threads when viewing a thread or after posting a new thread. The new version shows similar threads as you type. My concern is two-fold: 1. It might discourage the creation of new content since...
  6. Jon12345

    XF 2.2 New questions feature - can it be reversed?

    I like the new Questions feature, where you select the best answer, vote up answers etc. I run a forum that is for tech, and wish to trial out this new feature in one section. My concern is that if I set it up and members don't like it, can I reverse the decision later, so that the voting and...
  7. Jon12345

    XF 2.2 Lost toolbar in reply area

    Just upgraded to Xenforo 2.2 and I've lost all my toolbar buttons in the Post reply window. Any ideas? Also, when I click the Post reply button to add a reply, I get a bar that runs from left to right in a cycle at the top of my screen. It is a horizontal bar but also a vertical bar on the...
  8. Jon12345

    Images blurry when logged out

    Is this by design? What is best practice? I was thinking that if someone lands on a page via Google and the image is blurred, they may just bounce straight off the page.
  9. Jon12345

    XF 2.1 Removing section in sidebar

    I had an advert in the sidebar, shown using Siropu Ad Manager. I've removed the ad from Siropu, but there is a block still showing in my sidebar. How do I remove it?
  10. Jon12345

    XF 2.1 Member stats - Posts by time period

    On my old vBulletin board, I had a great plugin that showed the number of member posts by day, week, month and year. It was great because it would encourage members to compete with post counts. Are there any extensions like this for Xenforo? I think last time I looked I didn't find any.
  11. Jon12345

    XF 2.1 Can banned members read their PM's?

    I just gave a member a temporary ban. Can they still read their PM's?
  12. Jon12345

    XF 2.1 Restricting one member from certain forums

    I have one member that I want to restrict from some forum areas. Do I need to set up a completely new user-group for them, or can I just somehow tick a few boxes to restrict what they can use?
  13. Jon12345

    XF 2.1 Auto replace text in a post

    Is it possible to auto-replace words from posters? e.g. if they posted using the word MS, that gets changed to Microsoft?
  14. Jon12345

    Registering members using Facebook or Google?

    I know some sites let you sign up using your Facebook or Google details. Does anyone here do that? Is it possible with Xenforo? I'm thinking it might improve the signup rate.
  15. Jon12345

    Popup surveys - do you use them?

    I like the idea of having a popup mini-survey that appears in the bottom right hand corner of my site. You know what I mean, they look like those little chat widgets. Does anyone here use them to better understand their visitors? If so, what service do you use or recommend?
  16. Jon12345

    XF 2.2 Deleting members - can you undelete?

    I have a member who wants me to delete their account. Can I delete them, and then later on if they change their mind, give them their account back?
  17. Jon12345

    XF 2.2 Hiding forum posts from certain sections

    I have a politics section on my board, which some members like to participate in. Others hate it. So, I was wondering if there is a way to hide it from certain members? i.e. they can self-select which forum sections they can see and also whether or not the posts appear in the Latest Activity and...
  18. Jon12345

    XF 2.2 Editing Privacy Policy

    How do I edit the standard Privacy Policy provided by Xenforo?
  19. Jon12345

    XF 2.2 Does search include between code tags?

    I had a user say that they want to search posts, but include those where the keyword is inside the code tags. How does he do that?
  20. Jon12345

    XF 2.2 Setting new users usergroup

    Currently, when someone signs up, they get put in the Registered usergroup. How can I change that default to another usergroup?