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  1. Giray

    XF 1.5 A table of logos

    What I would like to do is generate a table, that I can relatively easily update, of partner logos, at the bottom of either the Forum main page or of Featured Threads & Portal page (I'm using Brogan's add on). I have about 20-30 partners whose logos I would like to feature in a table about 5...
  2. Giray

    Lack of interest Copy items

    It would be great to also be able to copy an image, rather than just move it. This is useful for, say, an admin-managed category of superior shots in which you want to feature people's images without moving them out of their albums.
  3. Giray

    XF 1.5 Can't upload image to XFMG

    [new to XF] New install. Have XF, XFRM, XFMG and Showcase installed so far. All Media Gallery permissions seem good. Quotas are set generously. Data and Internal Data are set to 777 recursively (enclosed items) Note that I can add an image via url so I'm assuming I still have a permissions...
  4. Giray

    Customized profiles

    Hi. I'm setting up a professional community. One of my prerequisites is the ability to have very in-depth profiles — the more in-depth and versatile the better. Two questions: Is there a way to customize xF profile pages (fields, etc.) Is there an add-on that extends the profile capabilities of...