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  1. knobby

    XF 2.2 Can't edit the name of the person quoted

    I've recently deleted a couple of forum members and changed their posts to "Deleted member xxx". But the original name doesn't change where their post has been quoted. In v2.1 I could edit the post with the quote then change the name of the person being quoted. But today after upgrading to...
  2. knobby

    XF 2.2 Forcing everyone to view a post on login

    Hi, After some issues with moderator abuse over this weekend I would like to forward every member of my forum to a notice/threa/post the next time they log in. They only need to view this once. Is this possible, and if so how can I do this please? Thanks
  3. knobby

    XF 2.1 Can't upgrade to 2.1.12

    I have a message that v2.1.12 is available, but when I click the upgrade button I get the following error: "The following issue was found when determining if a one-click upgrade is possible: ZipArchive class does not exist." Can anyone tell me what this means and what I need to do to eneable...
  4. knobby

    XF 2.1 Wrong attachments being displayed

    Hi, I've noticed on some posts in my forum that certain pictures are being displayed which are nothing to do with the post, and are not what the attachment should be. I have found that the pictures actually come from a posts in a "staff only" forum which I made many years ago. An example may...
  5. knobby

    XF 2.1 Search only 1st post?

    Hi, Am I correct in thinking that the normal search facility in XF only searches the 1st post in a thread for the search term?
  6. knobby

    XF 2.1 Can't see nodes

    Hi, I have a category for "Forum Staff Area" and under this I have two nodes; "General Staff Chat" and "Test Forum". This area is restricted to Administrators and Moderators. The problem I have is that today I cannot see this category or it's nodes,but I could yesterday. I have been into the...
  7. knobby

    XF 2.1 Left with lots of '

    Going through some of my posts now my forum is set up, I am finding lots of instances of ' and various other spurious characters. I'm sure I saw something on here which would allow the removal/replacement of these types of thing. Can someone point me in the right direction please? Thanks
  8. knobby

    XF 2.1 Lost the "more" button!

    Hi, I had a button at the bottom of the reply window near the "post reply" button which said "more" and when I clicked on it took me to a full editor with more options. This seems to have vanished! Any idea how I can get it back please?
  9. knobby

    XF 2.1 Restrict forum access until x posts

    Hi, How can I limit access to a forum until users have a predetermined number of posts? Thanks
  10. knobby

    XF 2.1 Lost members after import

    Hi Folks, Just installed XF2 and imported the data from my other MyBB forum. Everything appeared to go well with no errors shown. My old forum has 1067 members but after importing the data into XF2 I have 660 members. Any idea where the 401 members disappeared to and how I can get them back? Thanks
  11. knobby

    Moving forum

    Hi, I wish to set up a forum in a subdirectory, e.g. , so I can modify the look & feel and test it with some practice data. Once I am happy with the forum look, is it fairly straightforward to move it to my domain root, e.g. ? Thanks
  12. knobby

    MyBB to XF2 - direct or via XF1?

    Can I import/convert my MyBB 1.8 forum to XF2, or do I need to do it via XF1 as is stated in a couple of threads I have read Also, after the conversion, am I likely to be left with lots of BB code, etc. such as </P>, <"font, and non-functioning/messy links to other websites or content?
  13. knobby

    Fixed number of posts before allowing access to forum 2

    I am asking a Pre-Sale Question in the "Pre-Sale Questions" forum, which I had assumed was the correct place to ask such questions before I purchase the software. I am currently evaluating the demo version which has been set up for me. If/when I buy a licence then I will no longer ask questions...
  14. knobby

    Fixed number of posts before allowing access to forum

    Hi folks, How do I stop people from accessing a particular forum until them have reached a certain number of posts? I'm sure I saw it somewhere in the settings but now cannot find it. Thanks