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  1. dazamate

    XF 2.1 How to filter, modify output headers for Content-Security-Policy?

    Hey guys. I need to be able to add this to my xenforo headers... header( 'Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors https://*' ); I tried using htaccess, it isn't working and I suspect it is being overridden with php inside of xf. I am good with php but I am not good with xf...
  2. dazamate

    XF 2.1 Login to XF2 On Different SubDomian Via PHP

    Hi guys. I am upgrading to Xenforo 2 and I need to be able to remotely log into XF2 from another subdomain my login form is on and xf2 is on As suggested I am using the Auth rest API When I pass the login credentials, I do get a success response...
  3. dazamate

    XF 1.4 Can't find element in styles - how to track them down?

    Hey guys, Trying to redesign my forum header to match my wordpress theme. Basically trying to find an element's css properties in the style system so I can change it. I used crome to get the id of the element, but I just can't track it down, even with the search function inside the style...