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    Has vBulletin Closed?

    10pm PST... aka 5 hours ago. :unsure:
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    XF 2.1 Script in header, but not in Node IDs X,Y and Thread IDs Z,A,B

    Hello, I want to put a script into my header. Simple enough with editing PAGE_CONTAINER. This script actually is this fancy new auto-populating adsense. But to comply with Adsense rules, it has to be hidden in certain circumstances. Such as when the topic is too hot for Google's likings...
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    XF 2.1 Widget PHP callback (or something)

    Alright, I just found the developer documentation, especially this: Turns out, my namespace is "mycompany", the class name is just "partner" and the callback looks like this: <xf:callback class="mycompany\\partner"...
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    XF 2.1 Widget PHP callback (or something)

    Hi! I am preparing the update of a forum currently running XF 1.5. It has a custom sidebar widget which was implemented by a template modification and a PHP callback. So the current set-up is: Template-Mod: <xen:callback class="mycompany_partner" method="getPartnerLinks"></xen:callback>...
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    Anybody running PHP 8?

    I would love to test PHP 8 but I have not yet found packages for Debian. And my knowledge isn't really sufficient to compile it myself.
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    Paging sad losers

    Easy. An iPod is a dedicated device that does nothing but the Music app on your phone. With locally stored music, that is. A Walkman is an iPod without display where the music is stored on cassettes.
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    Style Style conversions XF1 to XF2

    Thank you to everyone getting in touch. I think I found someone to do the job :)
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    Style Style conversions XF1 to XF2

    Hello, I have a few forums running and they all run XF 1.5 (yeah I know). I want to upgrade them but first I need their styles converted and to be honest, I am a little incompetent with that. So I am looking for someone who would do this :) It would be 4 styles and they mostly only consisted...
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    Platinum License

    Well, they kind of are. Look here: There are the files needed to patch the security issue attached. For all versions that were supported at this time. No need for an active license. All you need to do...
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    Are you still using PHP 5.x? Why?

    I try to use at least PHP 7.0. Aside from mysql_* functions that got removed (but can be resurrected with a wrapper to mysqli), the compatibility-breaking changes are fairly minor, so from what I experienced, if it runs on 5.6, it will also on 7.0. However, I manage countless websites on...
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    xF 2.2 in April?

    My sources claim that there will be a keynote that opens the newly established Xencon in September. No, wait. Wrong company.
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    Why is PHP unpopular among modern development and why do forums continue to use it

    I think the second question is easier to answer. Forums want to run as painless as possible. Given how wide-spread PHP on web servers is, PHP is a kind of obvious choice for developers. Why it's unpopular among developers? Dunno. Maybe it's that "they don't know the language". Maybe it's that...
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    What 2FA app do you use?

    I recently switched to 1Password for this. And it's plain awesome. It fills your credentials automatically AND copys a one-time-password into the clipboard, so all you need is to paste it.
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    Microsoft is ditching the Edge browser for Windows

    I'm not sure if Microsoft had much of a choice, like is Gecko even an option when MS decides not to make Edge itself open source? Well, I don't specifically see that danger arising. You know, Netscape and mshtml both were closed source in the 90s, so having one of these a monopoly was a bad...
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    Microsoft is ditching the Edge browser for Windows

    If it's just for WebKit, you could look at some random Linux distro featuring GNOME as their browser uses WebKit as well (and not Blink)
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    Migration from BurnungBoard v1

    I wouldn't do this (unless that WBB has millions of posts, where it becomes a pain to go multiple steps) I have them all on my hard disk, so I could help you out. If you want to and you're ready, send me a conversation and I can do the conversion for you.
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    Migration from BurnungBoard v1

    Hi, I know Burning Board 1.1.1 quite well. I'd go the following route: WBB 1 -> WBB 2 -> vBulletin 3.8 -> XenForo. WBB1 -> WBB2 won't change the IDs of threads and posts, vB will tho, but XF can retain the vB-IDs, so we can even make any old links work. WBB1 stores user passwords as simple...
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    Not a bug Please add missing rel="canonical" meta tags to some pages (login, register, lost-password, help, poll results)

    In a world where people search for the whole URL because the search box on their default web page (i.e. Google) is bigger than the actual address bar, you should not wonder about anything... Use-case where it might be possible to search for "$serviceName lost password": There is a breach where...
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    Browser issue Placeholder Avatar is kind of not centered

    While I do see your point and would agree that in the profile view, it's much more centered, it still isn't perfectly in the middle. See: However, it's a lot more off-center for smaller avatars such as in the last poster column: Or, let's say it's not "much more off-center", because by...
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    Browser issue Placeholder Avatar is kind of not centered

    Hi, yes, it's minor. But it looks somewhat weird. Look at the B in Brogan's "avatar". Not centered. macOS Mojave 10.14.1, Chrome 70.0.3538.77, iMac 5K, display settings are at "most space".