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  1. japersonal

    XF 1.5 When not to use Download the upgrade package only

    Hi, I'm currently using version 1.5.11 and the most recent version is 1.5.13 The option *Download the upgrade package only* is marked by default and I wonder when not to use such option. For instance, in my case, should I download 1.5.12 and upgrade to such version first? I don't want to skip...
  2. japersonal

    As designed Spam Cleaner doesn't clean Recent Activity

    I have just used the Spam Cleaner tool from a member's public profile: And I noticed it does not clean up the Recent Activity, so any link posted in there will remain as is: Making the purpose of the Spam Cleaner a bit less useful in the sense that any link will remain somewhat "visible"...
  3. japersonal

    Not a bug Watch Thread does not change to Unwatch Thread when replying

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature request, but when I post a new reply to a thread for the first time, the status "Watch Thread" does not change to "Unwatch Thread" automatically. I have to reload the page in order to the "Unwatch Thread" link/status to be displayed. Thank you. :)
  4. japersonal

    Not a bug Lost Password form accepting empty field as valid email account

    Hi, When you use the Lost Password form and enter an email account which doesn't exist in the database, there is a valid error message: But when you leave the e-mail field empty and clic on the "Reset Password" button, your system accepts that as a valid input and return a page with this...