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  1. Krakye1

    Please how can I know a xenforo third party service provider unique??

    Will be needing a third party service for my xenforo forum, but am in doubts. please help me get authentic xenforo third party service providers..
  2. Krakye1

    Which add-on will allow me to create a photo gallery and as well upload music and videos for my users to download??

    I want to host a forum in my XF where my users will download both music and videos but am in doubts..
  3. Krakye1

    How do I set these

  4. Krakye1

    Please can I deepen the blue colour of my forum after purchase??

    I would want to deepen the blue colour of xenforo after purchase.. please is that possible??
  5. Krakye1

    Some Few Questions.

    1. please does the initial purchase xenforo come with that feature where users can log in with their Facebook login details?? Or there is an add on I need to purchase for that ?? 2. Please can I change the user and moderator titles?? 3. As well I want to know if I can assign specific colors to...
  6. Krakye1

    Please can I purchase xenforo with my visa card directly??

    Can I purchase xenforo with my visa card directly or I have to use my visa card to fund my PayPal in order to purchase xenforo ??
  7. Krakye1

    How much will I be charged to get an app for my xenforo forum??

    Please will it be possible for me to get my xenforo forum an app version?? If yes, please how much should I prepare as budget towards it??
  8. Krakye1

    Please why does ones account gets blocked after three times failed attempts to login

    Please I visited a xenforo website that I have sign up onto as a member.. I set my phone to always let me stay logged in but something happened and I had to change my phone but the unfortunate thing is that I forgot my password.. I kept trying some keywords that I might have used as my...
  9. Krakye1

    Do add ons attract a one time purchase or they are renewed

    For the almighty xenforo software, I am Pretty much aware it attracts license renewal after purchasing but does that apply to every add on one purchases for his/her forum??
  10. Krakye1

    What does the media Gallery and the Resource manager do on a forum??

    I want to know what exactly the MEDIA GALLERY and the RESOURCE MANAGER does on a web forum so that I may purchase them immediately after purchasing The almighty XF license...😃😃
  11. Krakye1

    Will my forum appear as what I see in the demo??

    Please if I purchase xenforo license will my forum appear as what I see in the demo or this site or I need to purchase extra add ons before it will look exactly as this site or the demo???
  12. Krakye1

    Please can I get trusted third parties to hire to work on my xenforo software for me anytime I encounter a problem???

    I need to be rest assured that I will be able to get people to hire to work on my xenforo software for me anytime I encounter a problem.. from A to z... Of course at affordable charges.. u know am totally a beginner:unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure:...
  13. Krakye1

    Please can I post videos directly onto xenforo??

    With other forums like vanilla, I learnt one cant post a video directly unless YouTube, Instagram or Twitter link..wanna know if same applies here...
  14. Krakye1

    Will xenforo staff offer additional help upon your recommendation after paying for the installation fee??

    Cheerish members of this community, I humbly want to know if a xenforo staff will offer basic help like adding categories upon your recommendation, customising theme, change xenforo to my domain name and above all making everything look exactly like this forum after paying for installation...
  15. Krakye1

    How much do I purchase xenforo with all the add-ons?

    Please I really look forward to manage a web discussion website with xenforo ..but I have no knowledge in programming, infact I know nothing at all about codes. Is it possible for me to still use xenforo?? If yes tell me all I need ASAP.. thank you. Waiting for a timely response.