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  1. Michael Murguia

    API developer needed to extend Xenforo + Wordpress APIs

    We need a Sr. PHP developer to help our team with a few detailed integrations. The basics: We are building a mobile app that integrates with our web based platform (xenforo + wordpress). We need a Sr. PHP developer to extend the xenforo and/or wordpress API(s) to provide calls for the mobile...
  2. Michael Murguia

    XF 2.1 Is there API Support for Read Later

    Thanks @Brogan ! We carefully looked through that resource previously. Can you confirm there is no support for "bookmark" in the current API? That is, no way to get and post bookmarked messages or filter for them?
  3. Michael Murguia

    XF 2.1 Is there API Support for Read Later

    "Bookmark" is AWESOME. We are looking to use this feature in a mobile client app. Does the current XF API support "bookmarking" posts/messages?
  4. Michael Murguia

    Fork Xenforo?

    Thank you!
  5. Michael Murguia

    Fork Xenforo?

    Basically, mapping resource and navigation with event planning. Most of this exists outside xf, but there are many small addons which tie it all together.
  6. Michael Murguia

    Fork Xenforo?

    That’s the approach we’ve taken with the custom code. Its all add-on. Each client would purchase a license. The motivation is for safe planning. I may build a valuable enterprise based on current xf software, then xf May change your business or approach and require me to upgrade even though...
  7. Michael Murguia

    Fork Xenforo?

    OK, so in this case, a highly customized version of the software would be subject to the license agreement if redistributed. I'll give specifics: Say we have 5 customers that are more interested in our custom software, but xenforo is a part of our community solution for some features. We could...
  8. Michael Murguia

    Fork Xenforo?

    Hello! I am an existing customer and I was wondering if Xenforo offers a purchase option that would allow a company to fork xenforo and create a highly customized version of the software free of future license requirements or upgrades. I don't intend this thread to be a "to fork or not"...
  9. Michael Murguia

    [tl] Image Optimizer for XF 2.x [Paid]

    Hi! I installed, enabled, and no optimization seems to be happening. My server logs are full of: Help? Thanks
  10. Michael Murguia

    XF 2.0 Share Buttons

    Hey Ben - where did you find it?
  11. Michael Murguia

    [TAC] Stop Human Spam [Paid]

    Got it!
  12. Michael Murguia

    [TAC] Stop Human Spam [Paid]

    Hi there! Thank you for the response! Isn't that what this is for?
  13. Michael Murguia

    [TAC] Stop Human Spam [Paid]

    Hi All! I love this plugin and have been using it for years. Recently - I'm getting spam users again, in posts and registrations that SEEM like they should be caught by TAC. For example - the title of this post seems like it should be caught: Perhaps I messed up a setting? The second...
  14. Michael Murguia

    XF 1.5 users awaiting approval issue

    Opening up this old chestnut - I have 746 users "awaiting approval" (from a user search with that state), and this morning I had two more users reach out asking for help in the same condition. No users are "Awaiting approval" in "admin.php?users/moderated ". Same as @Accounting Now, I DON'T...
  15. Michael Murguia

    Addon Development | Xenforo Hosting | Migration Services | Monthly Maintenance

    Same question - can you offer references? I'm interested in your services and need references. Thanks! M
  16. Michael Murguia

    XF 1.5 Paypal and Different Email Address for Upgrades.

    Hi there! I am finding a discrepancy between the number of Upgrades active in xenforo, and what PayPal recognizes, and I am trying to find out where the discrepancy occurs. I have found that some users use a different email for PayPal purchases then they do for their Xenforo account. What...
  17. Michael Murguia

    Conversation Search

    Hey Andy - love your stuff as always! It looks like this does not work with other themes? I see it in the default theme, but not my theme. Does that sound about right?
  18. Michael Murguia

    Adwords conversion tracking code?

    Thanks in advance for the time... Has anyone tried this? At the very top of the register_process I simply added: <xen:if is="{$contentTemplate} == 'register_process'"> <!-- Event snippet for Forum Registration from Search Ad conversion page --> <script> gtag('event'...