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  1. Overscan

    XF 2.2 Block animated GIF avatars

    I HATE animated GIF avatars. One of my beta users did this on my 2.2 Test forum. Its like the 2020 version of the blink tag. Short of disabling GIFs as attachments, is it possible to stop just animated GIFs being used as avatars?
  2. Overscan

    XF 2.2 Possible to display attachment limits to user in reply?

    My forum has a limit of 15 attachments per page, 8Mb attachments in total. It might be useful for people to know this when making a post or reply. On SMF forum, the "upload" function told you how many more attachments you could add. Missing this in Xenforo.
  3. Overscan

    XF 2.2 Attachment thumbnails now square random crop... changeable?

    So, mostly I like the updated attachment handling, but I'm not a fan of the cropped square thumbnails. It it possible to keep the original picture aspect ratio in the thumbnail? Or at least have a larger crop? My large image attachments are given some random small square of the picture as a...
  4. Overscan

    Won't fix Go to unread messages affected by URL unfurling

    A few of my users have noted an issue with the "go to unread messages" function. Specifically, the button takes you to the correct message momentarily, then the page scrolls (up or down) and you are no longer at the first unread message. I've figured out this is caused by enabling URL...
  5. Overscan

    Your Xenforo forum's speed according to GTMetrix

    I noticed a few posts about slowness of XenForo, my experience has been the opposite. Wonder if we can quantify this? Running on a Digital Ocean $15/month droplet (2GB RAM, 2vCPUs 60GB SSD) on Ubuntu18.04 / nginx / MariaDB, no redis caching, no CDN.
  6. Overscan

    XF 2.1 Forum RSS feed not working

    Link in footer is This doesn't work for me using nginx. Any clues why?
  7. Overscan

    XF 2.1 Cannot change avatars - clicking existing avatar gives a 404 error

    On my forum, no-one can edit their avatars in the forum. If you click on the existing avatar, it says "oops. We ran into some problems". Using Chrome developer tools I can see 404 error for URL...
  8. Overscan

    XF 2.1 Nice way to style my donation notice block?

    I want to have a notice block about donations to support my forum. I just want the Paypal donate button left and the text to the right. Its been 15 years since I last wrestled with HTML and i'm not achieving what I wanted ( with the text pushed down compared to...
  9. Overscan

    Add-on Show all messages in topic

    In my old SMF forum users were able to view all messages in a topic in one page. I believe this was a mod to SMF not core functionality. Many users are unhappy about loss of this functionality in Xenforo. I can explain why they liked it. My forum is kind of a hybrid database and discussion...
  10. Overscan - 13 year old aviation/military/aerospace technology community, upgraded from SMF to Xenforo This has take me over a year and I abandoned the migration twice, but I've finally got this over the line. Look and feel is closely based on the default style but with a fair few tweaks, partly for functionality and partly to make it look a little more familiar...
  11. Overscan

    XF 2.1 Test migration done, lots of settings tweaked - how to export/capture settings for next migration?

    So I've migrated my forum from SMF -> Xenforo 1.5, upgraded to 2.1, added some addons and customised a ton of settings, and the result is looking sweet as. I'd like to redo the migration to test out some modifications to pm import handling, but obviously I can't just rerun the migration to my...
  12. Overscan

    Fixed SMF attachments with crazy (long) filenames not imported

    Found another issue with attachments. I have one user (!) who uploaded a bunch of files named like this: The first Airbus Industrie A-300 design of July 1967; with the 6.1 metre (20') diameter fuselage & 2 x 47,500 lb thrust Rolls-Royce RB-207 engines 1.......jpg SMF stored them OK, though it...
  13. Overscan

    Nearly done on SMF migration - a major thanks for Xenforo....

    Well, I've stuck with SMF for 13 years, and I bought a license and nearly completed the migration to Xenforo a year ago and gave up. When my license expired I nearly decided to leave it be, but decided to renew my license for another year. My new test migration is awesome. Everyone's been very...
  14. Overscan

    XF 2.1 Node icon size

    I've figured out how to replace the node icons with png images; /* Forum read & unread icons */ .node--forum.node--read .node-icon i:before{content: url(off.png);} .node--forum.node--unread .node-icon i:before{content: url(on.png);} /* Subforum read & unread icons */...
  15. Overscan

    Add-on Recycle Bin addon for Xenforo 2.1?

    In Xenforo you can hide topics or posts from public view or delete them permanently. In SMF forum, deleting posts moved them to the Recycle Bin automatically, and you could easily get them back if you needed. This is better for me as it doesn't clutter my view as an admin with deleted stuff. Is...
  16. Overscan

    XF 1.5 Major problems with search in Xenforo compared to SMF...

    I've finally got my SMF forum migrated to Xenforo 1.5 attachment intact and permissions fixed (will upgrade to 2.1 tomorrow) and I am just doing basic functionality tests. My forum is part discussion and part reference database. People regularly search the forum looking for information or...
  17. Overscan

    XF 2.0 Possible to remove permissions for all secondary groups during or after import?

    I have imported my SMF 2.0 forum successfully and am now looking at Permissions. I had multiple groups set up mostly controlling access to specific hidden forums. Xenforo has tried to import the permissions but the end result is pretty terrible (partly as the SMF permissions were pretty...
  18. Overscan

    XF 2.0 HTTP 500 (gd-png: fatal libpng error: IDAT: CRC) when importing attachments from SMF 2.0

    It looks like I spoke too soon. My attachment import died and now can't be resumed - I get an HTTP 500 and the following in the error log: ErrorException: Fatal Error: imagecreatefrompng(): gd-png: fatal libpng error: IDAT: CRC error - library/XenForo/Image/Gd.php:86 Generated By: overscan, 8...
  19. Overscan

    Fixed Importing from SMF 2.0 - missing old attachments (and solution?)

    So, I bit the bullet at last, paid the money and am test migrating my 12 year old forum from SMF to Xenforo. Its done a pretty good job in general, but I am missing the oldest attachments. SMF 1.0 named attachment files differently from later versions and also did not store a file_hash value in...
  20. Overscan

    Lack of installable demo hampering possibility of purchase

    I have a reasonably busy SMF 2.0 forum thats coming up for 10 years old, looking to move to a new platform. I like a lot of things in XenForo, but I have very specific needs. I have 21GB of image attachments I need to preserve for example. I run my server in a sizable VPS. Ideally, I need to be...