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    XF 1.1 A style of problem

    After the 1.1 update in place. The display becomes as shown in Annex. Into a limited width of the existence of the original or normal.
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    Fixed About [CODE] BB CODE Problem

    General code [CODE ][PHP ][HTML ]…. Sometimes want to code a program marking of special colors for easy identification. On the editor is also normal to show. But after issuing. There will be[COLOR]the relevant text appears. Please see my articles in the test area from...
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    首先,我英文不是很好。在此我保留中文的原意。並利用轉譯的方式。 First of all, my English is not very good. I retain the original intention of the Chinese. And use the translation. 我很想討論這方面的問題,其實在安裝XF時。就有發現其ENGINE = INNDB 我很想知道 INNDB與 MYISAM 之間的差別性。為何XF會使用INNDB而不用MYISAM。 I'd like to discuss this issue, in fact, when you...
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    Partial fix Label font display problem(標簽字型顯示的問題)

    當會員從別處轉貼過來的文章 When a member from the articles posted elsewhere 常會發生如第二篇文章的情況 Often occurs as the second article 當然這只有在轉貼有中文的網頁並有設定中文字型時才會發生。 Of course this is only posted a Chinese Web page and only occurs when there is a Chinese font set. 我是有找到相關的問題在...
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    ???????? HELP
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    XF的中文搜尋我已經解決。可以到我的論壇下載相關修正的方式。 為了慶助XF正式版的發行。我目前免費提供該修改技術 詳細請到 XF中文版試驗站為 另外尋問XF相關人員是否有意願開發中國市場。是否有相關的配套或是人員。 PS:VBB4中文版也已經完成。但需另外付費不免費提供。我是為了想將XF打入中國市場。所以免費提供XF的搜尋。 浩瀚星空站長 yoching
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    Chinese (Traditional) language processing work package ....中文(繁體) 語系包 工作處理中....

    Chinese (Traditional) language processing work package .... 中文(繁體) 語系包 工作處理中....
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    Fixed  Remove the custom language

    Remove the custom language occurs when the timeout situation. Can not be properly removed. That is, delete the language of the operating time is too long. (I is the default value of 30 seconds) 刪除自訂語系時,會發生超時的情況。而無法正常刪除。 也就是刪除語系的動作時間過長。 (我是預設值30秒的)
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    Duplicate Small problem returns

    Small problem returns Be used a number of non-English forum bug. (I own that has been modified out) Download the language file of the time. If the language name is not alphanumeric. The file name will appear garbled. (See Figure 2) Informed about 一個算是用了非英數的論壇的bug。(我自已是已經修改掉了)...