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    XF 2.1 Script in header, but not in Node IDs X,Y and Thread IDs Z,A,B

    Hello, I want to put a script into my header. Simple enough with editing PAGE_CONTAINER. This script actually is this fancy new auto-populating adsense. But to comply with Adsense rules, it has to be hidden in certain circumstances. Such as when the topic is too hot for Google's likings...
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    XF 2.1 Widget PHP callback (or something)

    Hi! I am preparing the update of a forum currently running XF 1.5. It has a custom sidebar widget which was implemented by a template modification and a PHP callback. So the current set-up is: Template-Mod: <xen:callback class="mycompany_partner" method="getPartnerLinks"></xen:callback>...
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    Style Style conversions XF1 to XF2

    Hello, I have a few forums running and they all run XF 1.5 (yeah I know). I want to upgrade them but first I need their styles converted and to be honest, I am a little incompetent with that. So I am looking for someone who would do this :) It would be 4 styles and they mostly only consisted...
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    Browser issue Placeholder Avatar is kind of not centered

    Hi, yes, it's minor. But it looks somewhat weird. Look at the B in Brogan's "avatar". Not centered. macOS Mojave 10.14.1, Chrome 70.0.3538.77, iMac 5K, display settings are at "most space".
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    Update went smooth as always - a thank you

    Hi there, since people are quick with complaining and lazy with compliments, I thought I could say thank you to the awesome developers. I just updated four XF installations across different servers and it took me maybe 20 minutes in total - quick, easy, painless, everything still works as it...
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    How stable is XenForo 2 now?

    Hi! You released XF2 as a stable version and I cannot wait to upgrade my forums to the new generation. Only thing I need is Tapatalk and a language pack. But now I was looking into the bug forum and it got somewhat crowded there since release, so I wonder if you would recommend using XF2 or...
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    XF 1.5 Manipulate Post Content

    Hi, I want to manipulate the post content of all posts that are displayed and wonder how I could do this. I am generally familiar with how to make an add-on, but I am not sure which class and method to extend. Say, I want to replace any "Hello" with "H3ll0", but not in the database but only...
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    Lack of interest Notifications: Use Favicon for System Actions

    Re: (Sorry Mike, my threads don't get moved too often - I am usually the one who moves :D ) While this is intentional as-is, I'd consider the generic question mark icon a bit less-than-desirable from an...
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    Not a bug Moderator Notification is cool but looks weird

    Hi, my thread has been moved to another forum. While it is cool to have a notification for that, I'd rather see the avatar of the user who moved it than a generic "?" icon.
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    Won't fix Multiple attachments at once

    When I try to drag in multiple files into the editor, only the first one gets uploaded. Also, when I try this in the quick thread view, it just says there is an error and I shall contact the administrator.
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    Fixed Style selection is kinda useless

    Hi, in the footer, I have a style sectection with "XenVetana" active. Clicking on it, it looks like that style is disabled and it only offers me the default style which looks a bit weird. Even more weird is the style selection in my profile:
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    Hey Kier, Mike, Chris, you have users to moderate! I can clearly see that there are 3 users requiring moderative actions. How bout you get to your duties as administrators of that community and give 'em what they deserve? :mad: For reals: Looks good. Good job on upgrading. I...
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    XF 1.5 Search Engine Database

    Hi, I have been using vBulletin for ages and at some point, a user made an extensive list of search engine robots for the who is online list. I found that XenForo only knows a hand full of them like Google and Bing, but I saw a lot more for example ahrefs and applebot. Is there a list for...
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    Lack of interest Paste Links Like WordPress

    Hi, WordPress has a really neat feature since a few versions. If you have an URL in your clipboard and you highlight something in the editor and paste, the highlighted text will be the anchor for a link with the URL in the clipboard. Well, long story short: I'd like to see that in XF2 too...