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  1. la2k16

    XF 1.5 Add-On Error, Can't Install Anything (pics)

    Hey I've been trying to install new-add on's and have been getting this error message. As soon as I choose the file and hit the install button it takes me to this page, an I have the following error
  2. la2k16

    How have you Handled Large Traffic Spikes

    So I'm 7 months into this roller-coaster forum management journey, and I just experienced my first abnormally large spike So usually I hover from around 20-120 online users (members /guests / bots) at a regular inactive period I say 10-20 period with spikes depending on how many social media...
  3. la2k16

    Starting a Forum in 2016 Is A Real Grind....

    just hit the 7 month mark of and man.....the biggest piece of advice that I read pre-launch that has held true is you have to have PATIENCE. I felt I was having good growth (signups) then I hit a plateau here recently. Activity wise I feel I'm okay now, traffic wise I...
  4. la2k16

    XF 1.4 UI.X Custom Welcome Block Help

    I've seen a lot of sites that use UI.X have very nice custom welcome blocks with images. So far I have only found out how to use their default non-image versions. Is the only way to have it customized is through audentino designs? any feedback or help would be appreciated I would post this in...
  5. la2k16

    XF 1.4 HELP!! My "Forum" Directory Got Deleted From My Public HTML Directory

    Now my forum is gone I had the installation service just to get it set up so I have no idea how to put it back. I don't know what happened I was trying to update my landing page through dreamweaver and lost everything. Do I have to restart my forum from scratch?
  6. la2k16

    The Black Board Urban News & Media The site officially launched on 3/3......I had about a month of prelaunch where I let people try out the forum as I built the landing page and tinkered with the software This is a Urban News And Media Website, featuring Current Event Updates, Podcasts, Web Reality...