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  1. sinful

    XF 1.3 Replacing quick reply with start conversion with thread starter

    Hey everyone! At the bottom of a thread page, by default there is the quick reply field: I would like to modify it such that upon submission of the reply, instead of adding a reply to the thread, it starts a conversion with the thread starter, and the conversation name be the thread name...
  2. sinful

    Check how many users signed up via Facebook

    Is there a way to check how many users signed up on your xenForo forum via the "log in with Facebook" button? Thanks
  3. sinful

    XF 1.3 Change thread prefix with one click

    Hi, I hope to be able to allow users to change their thread prefixes easily, e.g. Users can change a "Selling" prefix to "Sold" by simply clicking a button on the sidebar etc. The idea is to give visibility of changing the prefix. Right now users have to go Threads tools > Edit Thread in...
  4. sinful

    XF 1.3 Hiding permalink in every post

    For every post there is this #1, #2 #3, ... #n link next to the Quote and Reply buttons. Is there any safe edits to remove this # link effectively? Thanks!
  5. sinful

    XF 1.3 Hiding report button

    Hi, On each post in a thread there is this "Report" button: I wish to hide it completely for every post. What is the best way to hide/remove this button? Thanks!
  6. sinful

    XF 1.3 Hiding visitor panel on conversation thread

    In any conversation thread, on the top right corner there is this box with your profile stats: I am wondering if there is any easy and safe way to remove this box. I tried hiding it via xfrock's Widget Framework by adding a clear sidebar widget and ticking the "hide visitor panel too?"...
  7. sinful

    XF 1.3 Custom Spoiler button text

    Right now the code: gives How do I remove the text "Spoiler:" and just make the button show "Click to Show" also, editing the hover over text "Click to reveal or hide spoiler" Please could someone guide me through creating a New Custom BB Code to do this? Thanks! p/s sorry if this has...
  8. sinful

    XF 1.3 Hiding "Post New thread" button for selected forums

    What is the best way to the "Post New thread" button for selected forums? Thanks!
  9. sinful

    XF 1.3 Login form on xenforo's header

    I really love Quora's header, I personally feel it helps encourage new users to sign up. Does anyone know how should I go about adding a login form on xenforo's header? Like the one Quora has: A simple form that just have -email -password -remember me -forget password -login button...
  10. sinful

    RM 1.1 Replacing External URL with "Start a conversation"

    Hi all, I would like to force the "Buy Now for XXX" button on the resource manager to have a link to start a conversation with the seller. i.e. removing the option for the seller to set an external link when adding a new resource, and forcing every paid resource to have the link to start a...
  11. sinful

    XF 1.3 Adding custom google maps to xenforo page

    Sorry if this has been posted before, cant seem to find an answer. I am thinking of adding a custom Google Map into a xenforo page, with each location having a link to a forum thread or page. This page here exemplifies what i mean perfectly: Please does anyone...
  12. sinful

    XF 1.2 Removing the hyperlink on Inbox and Alerts on navigation

    Hi, This is regarding the navigation bar tabs "Inbox" and "Alerts". Whenever we mouse over these tabs, there will be a menu sliding down. However I find it easy to accidentally click on the tab and get linked to the Inbox page or Alert list page. As there is already a proper link to these...
  13. sinful

    XF 1.2 How to add custom picture under homepage category

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone know how should I go about adding a custom picture under a category on the homepage. I would like to replace forum links within that category with a custom picture. I would then hyperlink the custom picture to a specific forum (and remove that forum from being...
  14. sinful

    XF 1.2 "Thread Status: Not open for further replies." - Show this for members only

    How do I go about adding a conditional such that for threads which are closed, the "Thread Status: Not open for further replies." notice at the top and bottom of the thread is only shown to registered members? And make it such that visitors do not see this notice. Thanks.
  15. sinful

    XF 1.2 Edit email template

    Hi, Does anyone know how do I go about editing the fonts used in the emails that xenForo sends out? The default is Georgia and because the rest of my site does not use Georgia, I find it inconsistent to have the email font in Georgia. Anyone know the best way about changing this? I can't...
  16. sinful

    XF 1.1 find-new/threads/ not working

    Hi, I have recently migrated from an apache server to a litespeed server. Everything went ahead smoothly except that one page could not load after the migration - the What's New page. When accessing find-new/threads/ , the page is blank. Help would be appreciated. Thanks! P/S I added...