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  1. rexxxy

    XF 2.1 BB Code Media Site help

    Im trying to add my streaming site to my forum What would the the match urls? I tried this and it didnt work #//*/={$id} and the would this embed work? <iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no"...
  2. rexxxy

    XF 2.1 Resource Download upgrade option

    Is there a way that when you need an upgraded account to download it’s says you do not have permission to download this file, instead when you click download it takes you to the user account upgrade page?
  3. rexxxy

    Usergroup Permission

    When i make changes to permission for different usergroup for different categories and hit save I get this error message. What would cause this?
  4. rexxxy

    Implemented Simplified logo upload setup

    Why is it still so complicated to figure out where and how to upload the site logo. Every time i update my site I have to figure out how to put the logo back and favicon. I have use other software where its a simple upload logo and it remain the same. Any reason why a simplified logo upload is...
  5. rexxxy

    XF 2.0 Confirmation Email coming up page not found

    Few users are telling me that they get the confirmation email but when they click on it they're getting an error message page not found. How can I fix this?
  6. rexxxy

    XF 1.5 BBCode help

    I need to know how do I write bbcode for my streaming site Album url and embed code <iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe> Single url and embed code...
  7. rexxxy

    MG 1.1 Ads Location

    How do I add an ads below the video on the viewing page? for eg. below the video on a page like this
  8. rexxxy

    Add-on Audio/MP3 media addon

    It would be nice if someone creadte and audio mp3 addon that works with media or seperately so that people dont have to rely on soundcloud as its losing money and might not be around after december. - would be able to handle both single and albums - playlist would be nice
  9. rexxxy

    XF 1.5 Friendly URL issue

    when I enable friendly URL the forum link/URl doesn't work. I have xenporta 2 installed. How would I fix this?
  10. rexxxy

    MG 1.1 Thumbnail not being created

    I'm able to upload videos however the thumbnail is not being created it displays like this
  11. rexxxy

    What happen to digital point site?

    I went to to check on a post I made couple days back and cant pull up the site. I check and its down there too. Is it just the server down or did @digitalpoint shut the site down or something? Which i doubt he would do but...
  12. rexxxy

    Anyone knows any good audio media script?

    I have phpfox now with a music-addon but want something more focus around music with with albums. artist, genre controls just to name a few. any suggestion? - agriya volume is no longer developed or supported - I've tried tancode but its not well supported and feature lacking eg admin panel...
  13. rexxxy

    XF 1.2 How to add my music and video site to bbcode

    In admin> bbcode media sites Video site what would I put for "match url" and "Embed HTML" for this embed code URL: example embed code <iframe width="425" height="344" src=""...
  14. rexxxy

    Add-on Happy birthday greeter?

    Is there any other happy birthday greeter or message addon other than this where it automatically put happy birthday on members profile. I cant seem to buy that one so I was wondering if there is others
  15. rexxxy

    What happen to webhostingtalk?

    What happen to webhostingtalk ? did they shut down or just having server issue? or got hacked like a lot of vb sites? I was going to do a hosting research and find the site giving an error. Edit: Nevermind it back up and working
  16. rexxxy

    RM 1.0 A way to make external link open in a new window

    is there a way to make external link open in a new window?
  17. rexxxy

    Is there any good donation mod?

    I'm looking for a good donation mod. I try one that I found in resources but I couldn't get it configured can anyone recommend one?
  18. rexxxy

    moving from vb4 to xen

    couple question when you import are you able to import the cms articles from vb4 to xf? if so how are you able to do so and possible use xencarta to display it? Is it possible to move files form vb4 downloads II to XF micro download add-on? I use vbtube for videos on vb4, is it possible...
  19. rexxxy

    Tips on how to make the move from vb to Xenforo

    I want to know from people that made the move already from vb to xf what to look out for? Whats are some of the things you recommend to do? what will you lose in the move if any? How hard is it to do? do you have to worry about urls? how does it affect you when it comes to google ranking? how...
  20. rexxxy

    What ever happen to the robbo advanced gallery?

    What ever happen to the robbo advanced gallery? I'm trying to map my move from vb4 to xenforo