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  1. Gazhyde

    XF 1.5 Issues with IMG tags displaying

    I have this issue someone has raised where it's displayed the broken image indicator when a post is made with IMG tags. I think this may have started when we upgraded to 1.5.14. Any ideas? Link to example post - If I edit...
  2. Gazhyde

    Fixed Chrome 57 gives XSS error when editing a post

    Haven't had much chance to test this, but just installed Chrome 57 and when editing a post it gives the following error when "More Options..." is pressed. Quickly tested the same thing in Edge and Firefox and it doesn't give the same error. Have previously edited posts on this machine before...
  3. Gazhyde

    Settings for a deceased members account

    We had a very active member die earlier this month, and I'm not really sure what is the best thing to do with his account. Obviously I don't want it to be deleted, but we did just get a for sale thread he posted beforehand bumped by a new member. Clearly I should spend a bit more time keeping...
  4. Gazhyde

    XF 1.4 User Group Promotions not working for me

    Currently running on 1.4.2, but not sure how long they haven't been working as I've only noticed today. Is there anything obvious I can check before logging a ticket? It could well be I'm doing something stupid of course ;) The same issue shows with all add-ons disabled on my live site. I...
  5. Gazhyde

    XF 1.3 What width is the best width for changing to a fixed width site!

    Try saying that a few times over! :whistle: On a more serious note, I'm thinking of switching over to fixed width. What widths do you fixedy's use and can I have link to your site to see how it looks :) Gaz
  6. Gazhyde

    XF 1.3 StopForumSpam matched (username: 1072)

    When it says matched on username, Charles is a pretty common name I would imagine. Am I reading it correctly? array(4) { ["url"] => string(44) "" ["referrer"] => string(44) "" ["_GET"] => array(0) {...
  7. Gazhyde

    XF 1.2 Formatting on pages

    Just started looking at pages, but want to know if it's possible to stop the text flowing around the side menu? I'm pretty sure I'm not doing something I need to with the Template HTML. This is on my hidden dev site so can't provide a link ;)
  8. Gazhyde

    XF 1.3 Merge Template Changes

    Just trying the 1.3RC1 upgrade on my dev installation, and get this in PAGE_CONTAINER. Which is the correct option to choose?
  9. Gazhyde

    XF 1.2 User upgrade functionality

    XF 1.2.2 Not sure if this is 'as designed' or not, but I've created a user upgrade which when applied allows them to set their own user title. This works fine, but if I downgrade them the user title stays as they set it. The only way I can see to revert this to the default titles, is to...
  10. Gazhyde

    Curious SPAM sign up today

    Not sure what to make of this. I had a "member" sign up a moment ago, and it flagged as a spammer so went in to waiting approval. Doing my usual checks on it, I googled the username and found that they had been busy since last evening. The results came back with 7 forums at the top of the...
  11. Gazhyde

    Spotting the spammers who get through registration

    I've recently had a few spammers getting through, and looking in to the accounts I'm not sure how, or even if, we can combat the method they use. When an account gets created it's IP is tracked to (for example) the US, and doesn't trigger enough to force it in to manual validation at that time...
  12. Gazhyde

    XF 1.2 Anyone got a Tesco HUDL?

    Hi. Just got a message from a user... Anyone heard of one of these things? Seems to be a branded android tablet, and I'm assuming when he loads the browser he is getting the Tapatalk enabled message, but he should be able to clear it? Any assistance...
  13. Gazhyde

    XF 1.2 Annoying border I can't remove

    I have a small brownish border around my my node categories which I can't seem to locate where it's set. If I inspect this it shows the border top & bottom If I look at the style properties it doesn't show here. and I can't see anything overriding it in Extra.css It's only a small...
  14. Gazhyde

    Finally after migrating from phpBB some 5-6 months ago, I'm generally happy enough with the Xenforo layout to showcase it here! We have a light theme based on the default skin, and are running Blackend for those who don't like bright. There is still the occasional...
  15. Gazhyde

    XF 1.2 Sub forum display

    I'm looking at tweaking my forum list, and using sub-forums a bit more. If I display sub-forums, by default it shows like this... Would it be possible to change it to look like this? Thanks for any suggestions, or links to something I've clearly missed in search ;)
  16. Gazhyde

    XF 1.2 One iPad user having issues

    From all my testing I'm convinced this particular issue is down to their iPad, but thought I would canvass any opinions offered. We have one member who cannot paste in to the editor on his iPad. Claims he doesn't get the paste option, or a cursor. He mainly posts IMG links from photobucket...
  17. Gazhyde

    XF 1.2 Upgrading to 1.2.1 - Fatal Error

    Hi, Just uploaded 1.2.1 to my dev server and run the installer and got an error logged in the Server Error Log. Any thoughts? Seems to be related to the AddOnInstaller cron job. Everything seems to be working fine post upgrade... Server Error Log Error Info ErrorException: Fatal Error: Call...
  18. Gazhyde

    Is 1.1.5 likely to be mandatory to upgrade to 1.2?

    Hi, Ok, I know we don't have any information on 1.2 release dates, but I've been lazy and not yet installed 1.1.5. Was wondering if it's going to have to be installed before I can upgrade to 1.2 or not. I bought 1.1.4, so have no experience of how the upgrades tend to run on XF (other than...
  19. Gazhyde

    Assign same trophy multiple times

    Hi, Is there anyway to assign the same trophy multiple times? Having looked at the trophy system, I'm thinking not. Perhaps there is an add-on someone is using they can suggest? I have a couple of reasons why I might want to do this, but for example, our members submit content to us which...
  20. Gazhyde

    Facebook Open Graph meta codes

    Hi, We post (or want to post) content to Facebook from Xenforo. I resolved my initial problem of not displaying images with the post, by enabling Facebook integration and then disabling it again (not sure I want Facebook logins yet). This left the meta codes in certain pages, such as...