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    Fixed Mobile Is cutting off images

    I just upgraded to XF2.1 2 weeks ago, and I had some members notice that on Mobile when clicking on a photo that it cuts it off and doesn’t load the whole image into the mobile light box. example page: After clicked on
  2. J

    XF 2.1 Help with Tag Text Color

    With upgrading from XF1 to XF2.1 this last week, my old existing style looks great in XF2.1 except for 2 text input boxes. All of the other text input like the Thread Title where your type turns an almost white color against a dark gray background which comes from the Input Style section. These...
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    XF 2.1 Disabling a Menu Bar

    I went into Navigation and changed "What's New" to only display "New Posts" and "New Media". So that works great. But the problem is I can't see how prevent the complete "What's New" menu bar from showing up. In reality since New Posts and New Media show up on that small bar under the main menu...
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    XF 2.1 How to change the title of a menu?

    I have XFMG installed, and would like to change on the main Forum page menu to have it say "Gallery" instead of "Media". In XF1.5 I had changed the phrase "Media" to "Gallery" and I think it changed the title in the menu, but I could be wrong. I do know currently in Phrases that "Media" is...
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    MG 2.1 Media Gallery view - Need more Columns

    In XF1 I could change the view from a 4 column view easily to 5 or 6 columns by changing a Style setting for XFMG. In XF2 that flexibility appears to be removed. It might not sound like much, but when people are looking over the Gallery of photos, to be able to have 5 or 6 columns just looks...
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    MG 2.1 Gallery Embed too Small

    Is there a way to get the image that the Gallery Embed inserts into a Post to be the "Full" size? In XF1, when an image was Embedded from the Gallery it was full size, now it's like a Small or Medium size? When posting via BBCode, you can chose the "Full" size there, and it works. But it's a...
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    XF 2.1 Prevent Moderators from seeing IP addresses?

    In XF2.1 is there an option to prevent Moderators from viewing members IP Address? In XF1.5 I have an addon that prevents it. Is this functionality now built into the core of XF2.1? Thanks!
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    XF 1.5 New Posts Sort order

    In both the Sidebar box and in the Forum listing of the New Posts, when I click on a thread to go view it, I am taken to the bottom post in that thread. Everyone in the forum wants to go to the top Post, the originating post so they can see the New Post (Thread) first. Is there a way to get it...
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    Google Adsense Not Approved

    I will admit Google AdSense is a bit frustrating in general, not being able to actually talk to someone there is really bad. So I got an email 20 hours ago saying that my application for Google AdSense was not approved due to insufficient content. Then 4 hours ago I got an email saying that my...
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    XF 1.5 Where to paste initial Adsense code?

    I just signed up for Google AdSense, and I was given some code to copy and paste in my website, it says between the <head> and </head> tags. I searched in the templates and could not find either tag. If the syntax is different in Xenforo, what tags should I be looking for and which template...
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    XF 1.5 How to Prevent Liking inside a Locked Thread?

    When a Thread is Locked, no one can add any more posts to it. Is there also a way to prevent any of the posts in the Locked Thread from being Liked or UnLiked? I would like to capture the state of the Likes when the Thread is Locked and not have users bump up the Like count in a Thread that is...
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    Multi-Quote Error

    When using Multi-Quote I have just started to get this Error - The selected message could not be found Nothing has been added or changed to the forum, Reply works fine, but the Multi-Quote does not. Any ideas on what's causing this?
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    XF 1.5 How to move New Posts to the Main Menu?

    My members use the New Posts menu option constantly to keep up on new posts and threads. How can I move the New Posts from the Forum Submenu, to the instead be listed in the Main Menu. This way when they log in, there isn't 2 menus clicked to get to New Posts, it's just 1 click. I have searched...
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    MG 1.1 Moving the sidebar Media Block

    I am using the option to Display Random Media in a block in the sidebar. But the block is too far down for me. How can I move its position further up, say on top of the Staff Online block? Thanks, Jim
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    MG 1.1 How to Change the Default View?

    Is there a way to change the default view of the Media Gallery from the Album list, to a Photo list? For instance, can I make the Media Index the default view and sorted by Most Likes? I know members can get to that view by clicking Media Index and then clicking on the Sort to be Likes. But I...
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    XF 1.5 Changing Text color in a custom box

    I added a Text Box to the Sidebar per Brogans examples in: It works great! My question now is how do I make part of the text Bold? And I also can I change color of the text, so that the first sentence is Red as I...
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    MG 1.1 Images from Galleries too Small

    Is there a way when a member posts an image from the Media Gallery into a Thread for it to display full size, based on the image limitations already set for Posts? I have my posts set up with a max Resolution of 1200 pix, and Uploading or inserting the URL behave correctly, but when inserting...