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  1. Alan_SP

    XF2 [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    Strange. For me, as per FAQ this did the trick just fine:
  2. Alan_SP

    Curse of Oak Island

    Excellent show and really hope they will continue doing it. And, of course, that in some foreseeable future they will get what actual treasure is.
  3. Alan_SP

    Setting up completely from scratch

    Maybe it would be better if you specify some more info what these "various elements" would be. Just installing already existing add-ons, creating skin or two (or just installing premade ones), or creating everything from scratch, etc.
  4. Alan_SP

    How To Implement SSL To Secure HTTP Traffic (HTTPS)

    I would just add here that article is compatible with XF2.x version here:
  5. Alan_SP

    [tl] Anonymous Posting [Paid]

    I guess that your English prevents you from understanding what @gogo and I try to say. I know what current options are and this one we mention is something you don't have coded at the moment. It would be extension of creating different anonymous ID per thread, which would use more human...
  6. Alan_SP

    [tl] Anonymous Posting [Paid]

    Well yes, but this is option for those who shouldn't know actual poster, but they still be able to make distinctions who actually posted. You can handle this in more than one way. By creating list of user names that would be used for addition, by allowing users to give themselves "temporary...
  7. Alan_SP

    [tl] Anonymous Posting [Paid]

    Not in this use case. In this case, you don't see just "Anonymous" for user, but some ID to differentiate different users, still anonymous, but different from other anonymous users. So, for our social brains it would be easier if someone can either choose or get some "fake but more socially...
  8. Alan_SP

    XF2 [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    I think you should read FAQ: You can use some other positions as well.
  9. Alan_SP

    XF 2.2 Move from to

    From what he wants to do, he doesn't need to move files, they are already in directory. He just needs to setup subdomain to that directory, call it as he like it and setup .htaccess rule for redirection, so people (and the rest of internet, of course) can find it and use it. And, of course, XF...
  10. Alan_SP

    Need Advice Please.

    When you go over his avatar and wait for a moment, you get his "quick profile" with button "start conversation" (maybe you don't, not sure). Conversations are PMs in XF slang.
  11. Alan_SP

    s9e Media Sites

    Maybe it has something to do with new things in XF2.2? I mean, you can try to test if it would again work if you try beta version on your test site? As they introduce gif integration in v2.2, I guess for some reason they had dropped it before (I'm new to XF, so don't know how that worked with v1.x).
  12. Alan_SP

    Auto Lock Threads

    Yes, great suggestion from @Mian Shahid . Is there also option to set all threads per node to be auto-lockable unless manually made "normal" threads? Or can that be added? BTW, nice work, thanks for it. EDIT: Oh, and yes, if making all threads autolocked can be done retroactively, i.e. to...
  13. Alan_SP

    Private Threads [Paid]

    But it sounds like potentially nice ability.
  14. Alan_SP

    Not a bug Problem with trying to watch thread here - noticed only on this one thread

    Thanks, I get it now, disabled ad blocker for domain, now everything works fine.
  15. Alan_SP

    Not a bug Problem with trying to watch thread here - noticed only on this one thread

    Sorry, I mean, using watch thread button, not to see thread. I can see thread per se, but couldn't use button to get notices for new content. Or, how can ad blocker block function like this? It works for other threads, as I said.
  16. Alan_SP

    Not a bug Problem with trying to watch thread here - noticed only on this one thread

    I just tried to watch this add-on: For some reason, trying to watch it (discussion and add-on per se, plus bookmarking it) didn't worked. Tried random other, it worked. Not sure what's going on. Maybe there are some...
  17. Alan_SP

    XenForo slow

    I noticed extreme slowness when posting new posts, but at the moment it seems resolved (probably first versions which were resolved).
  18. Alan_SP

    XF2 [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    Easily done with htaccess file. Of course, you can rename portal page to your liking (check FAQ of this addon on how to).
  19. Alan_SP

    XF 2.2 Forum Backup and Restore

    You need to backup files and DB (not sure what your server software does, so I manually always backup those two). Restore is more or less the same, but other way round. Easiest is to create script, make it a cron task and voila, you'll have regular backup. Hopefully you'll never need to know...
  20. Alan_SP

    XF 2.1 I want to let one of my users edit my style. Is the only to do it is to give him admin access?

    Well, you can say yes and no to that. You don't need to give him admin status on your live site. You can make test site, give him admin access there (if you really want, you can make test site completely new installation), he can make style(s) and you just copy them (i.e. export/import) to live...