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  1. Harvey

    Display the page navigation on the top of pages of mobiles

    How would you modify this to show ONLY in threads?
  2. Harvey

    XF 2.1 Can I widen .node-extra

    It looks like .node-extra is set at 280px by default. This cuts off some of our longer members names as seen here: It looks like if I change the 280 px to 300 or 320px in extra.less it solves this problem. Am i creating problems elsewhere? Edit: It looks like I could also hide...
  3. Harvey

    Not planned No Indexing a Member?

    For the longest time I've been thinking of moving to XF and I finally did it. Very excited, it's great. All during the time I was planning the jump I wanted to put the XF forum on a subdomain: Our main site is fairly rigorously edited, the...
  4. Harvey

    XF 2.1 Editing Templates

    Someone I trust told me to avoid making edits in template, using only extra.less. I went in and looked at my templates and three (not including those associated with specific addons or extra.less) are in red. I am 99% sure I didn't edit those. I looked at one of them, app_header.less, and...
  5. Harvey

    No-indexing the Off Topic?

    How many have an "Off Topic" forum? Have you ever thought about "no-indexing" it? Is that possible in the CMS, without editing the template? I always wondered if there might be an advantage to this, keeping all (or most) of the UGC on topic.
  6. Harvey

    XF 2.2 How to close an <xf: css> tag

    How would you close this? <xf:css src="andy_adbelowpost.less" />
  7. Harvey

    XF 2.1 Is there a way to hide subforums from the top level?

    I'd like to keep my top level simple. Thank you.