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  1. M

    XF 2.2 Update 2.2v4 to 2.2v5 - cookie problem.

    When i just updated from 2.2 beta v4 to 2.2 beta v5 and after i went to the install link and logged in i got a cookie message. I have to accept the cookie in order to continue. Of course you cant see the cookie popup anywhere because i already did this in previous versions. Now in my admin panel...
  2. Anatoliy

    Cookies announcement - LCP (2.9s)

    If it would pop out not on load but on scroll or click that would solve the problem I guess.
  3. F

    Any problem with these methods of protecting admin.php? (Cloudflare and cookie)

    Since installing Xenforo 2.1 yesterday I've seen a huge number of attempts to brute force login on both the regular login page and on admin.php. Is there any problem with setting the Security Level: High in Cloudflare for* or are there ordinary forum functions...
  4. S

    XF 2.1 cookies

    I honestly don't know if it's due to the speed of loading but I've never seen this problem before, in a nutshell when you log into the forum you have to accept cookies and if you click quickly you are redirected to another page where this message comes out: "You must be logged-in to do that. "...
  5. V

    XF 1.5 Chrome 80 - Cookies

    Hello, I was reading Troy's article about the influence of stricter cookie policies that are coming with Chrome version 80, and few pieces sound like it may bring problems While we have HTTPS over TLS enabled as well as enforcing if further by HSTS, I wonder what issues could this bring in...
  6. J

    XF 2.1 Effects on changing $config['cookie']['domain']?

    Hi, currently I'm using no specific cookie settings in the configuration file which means that the cookie is set by the current domain ( However I need to change $config['cookie']['domain'] to '' so that I can read the cookie on any subdomain. More Details...
  7. R

    XF 2.2 Bugs with XenForo, special characters are causing errors

    I fixed all the issues by setting in CF always use SSL/TLS to true. This option is to redirect all request(s) from http to https. This was preventing board canocalization url redirecting to the https, since ssl are not installed in the origin server and i'm using CF's ssl/tls, this causes also...
  8. djbaxter

    XF 2.2 SOLVED: Can access admin page but not forum for test installation

    I had beta 5 installed as a test forum in (physically in the test subdirectory on the server). I deleted the subdomain and the old cookies. Changed the URL in basic board options. I can now access the ACP at just fine. I get an error trying to...
  9. Xyphien

    Not a bug Cookies are required to use this site.

    "Oops! We ran into some problems. Cookies are required to use this site. You must accept them to continue using the site." I've been using my website for the past few weeks nonestop without any issues, and I just tried logging on right now (after being on it earlier today) and now I get the...
  10. rolo

    [MMO] Impersonate User

    Problem solved, thanks! Question: When you launch a new version? Do I get some update notification in my XenForo Dashboard?
  11. doublespaces

    Guest Posting for XenForo 2.x by AddonsLab [Paid]

    I'd like to point out that most of the time people don't log out as you've mentioned. What is most likely occurring is someone is browsing your site using a different device or web browser. Apps like Facebook use their own internal browser which doesn't share cookies with chrome or Safari. So if...
  12. S

    XF 2.1 cookies

    I did but it didn't solve the problem, if I quickly click on accept cookies it tells me that I need to be registered, if I wait a while it works properly. isn't there an option that doesn't need to accept cookies?
  13. I

    XF 2.1 Cannot log in to Xenforo in an iframe, but ONLY when using Chrome browser

    We have embedded a xenforo forum in an iframe on our LMS system to allow students to ask questions and get peer support. It works perfectly if a student uses Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge -- but not when they use Chrome (on a PC or android phone). In this case they get stuck in an endless...
  14. Xyphien

    Not a bug Cookies are required to use this site. You must accept them to continue using the site.

    I'm having the same issue on my mobile device. However, I don't have anything on my mobile device that blocks cookies... Is there any way to disable the cookies feature as I don't have this problem on any other website or even older xenforos.
  15. K

    XF 2.1 Bug or "as is" - With Javascript disabled

    In case of the editor: It does function properly, you can submit posts. Really, I wouldn't wast me time styling a textarea for clients without JavaScript just to make it a bit more pretty ... There is a clear notice that JavaScript should be enabled, that's enough - users who have JavaScript...
  16. iadzemovic

    XF 2.1 Why this cookie message

    I keep getting this message "Oops! We ran into some problems. Cookies are required to use this site. You must accept them to continue using the site." How can I solve this/prevent it from happening. Haven't seen anywhere to Accept?
  17. R

    LiteSpeed Cache for XF2 - Community

    Thanks for this addon. I have small problem... After installing this addon, members already logged in won't have xf_lscxf_logged_in cookie. How can I enforce it for already logged members?
  18. otto

    Implemented Support SameSite cookie attribute

    ...badly. ;) I run 3 Xenforo boards, 2 with active licences - a hint how we can fix it today to bridge the time up to XF 2.2 would be real helpfull for us. (That all, if I get ready that the trouble with FF v77 and above we have is based at this cookie problem we talk about here. Thats clear...
  19. cdub

    XF 2.2 Stuck asking me to log in

    FYI it lets me log in just fine on my phone browser and safari on this iMac. It's just Chrome that's the problem. Upgrading to Beta 3 on my phone didn't solve the issue. To make things even stranger... THIS EXACT SAME THING is happening on another XF Beta 2 (or 3) site I know of on this browser...
  20. Mick West

    XF 2.1 error while trying to save PAGE_CONTAINER template.

    I had this problem and solve it by creating a rule in Cloudflare to bypass the firewall if there's an XF admin cookie.