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  1. ashkir

    Add-on xenWow

    This would make me buy another XenForo licensE!
  2. ashkir


    Thanks! :). I've noticed things were off by a few pixels. This is actually gorgeous and quite easy to adjust / edit :D
  3. ashkir

    [bd] Widget Framework

    But: For the option Profile posts or User Status Updates on XenForo 1.3 the block does not appear in the sidebar until you add it to both forum_list and all; which is quite strange. And when you do that two show up on the index. But, if you remove the forum_list one the all won't show on the...
  4. ashkir


    This is very gorgeous. :) What did you use to get the nodes to be side by side?
  5. ashkir

    ******* - Parse HTML BBCode [Paid] [Deleted]

    Considering picking this up depending if I have enough left in my account .I just wanted to ask in the WYSIWYG; can you edit words within the HTML? I plan on using this for post templates on an RP forum; so dohtml templates are extremely popular on RP forums. Do <style> tags work within it...
  6. ashkir

    Two years of using XenForo and still I stare at the alerts system in amazement.

    Two years of using XenForo and still I stare at the alerts system in amazement.
  7. ashkir

    User Essentials [Paid]

    How do I transfer my original purchase to XenMods since Syndol is no longer here? I still have the purchase emails. Or, do I have to buy it again?
  8. ashkir

    Transfer/Breach of account?

    Me and a friend were looking to transfer the license that she owns to me. I've been around since the license was purchased and always been the registered forum user for it. When our head administrators changed for the same exact site we asked for the names to be changed. Our site not once moved...
  9. ashkir

    [XI] Blog [Paid] [Deleted]

    Man. :( I was hoping to download this again and was trying to figure out where after I paid for it. :( Dammit!
  10. ashkir

    Will XenForo 1.2 be compatible with MySQL 5.6 and PHP 5.5?

    Several addons and resources do not work with PHP 5.4 as well. But, over the past month or two many have been updated to add that support.
  11. ashkir

    California Case Update

    Congratulations, XenForo! Very well deserved! :)
  12. ashkir

    Implemented Like Profile Comments

    +1 -like-
  13. ashkir

    [bd] Tag Me for XenForo 1.3

    Same problem here. Can't tag groups anymore.
  14. ashkir

    [] Member List Manager

    PHP 5.4 support? Steal my heart why don't you? <3
  15. ashkir

    XenForo vs. IPB/IPS What's your honest opinion?

    I love XenForo. But, I want to work with an RP forum. So IPB is nicer from the RP standpoint. For general I like XenForo. But, IPB's license nwo costs $175. -.-
  16. ashkir

    [] Member List Manager [Paid] [Deleted]

    Does the update include PHP 5.4 support?
  17. ashkir

    Can't reply in some threads.

    I can create you an account in the morning and we can hope it breaks for you. We do have members with or something that'd let you hijack control of their computers for a while.
  18. ashkir

    Can't reply in some threads.

    Jake, you may not be able to see the error as it's extremely hard to reproduce and yet effects a large number. If we make the change fix above we'd have to shut down our forum posting due to it making the message box disappear.
  19. ashkir

    Can't reply in some threads.

    So, is this a bug? I originally posted this in the bug forum but it got moved here.
  20. ashkir

    Can't reply in some threads.

    Thank you HWS! Doing so now! <3 Edit: Did the fix, it messed up. New post pages look like this: None of the alerts, etc work now. Reversing.