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  1. Green Cat

    Opera Next - Chromium Build

    It's a development build, it's likely that some of these features will return when this version is released for everyone to use.
  2. Green Cat

    XF 1.2 Post Edit History and Logging

    Great, that's the feature I wanted most in 1.2 :)
  3. Green Cat

    The Original OG's of Xenforo

    July 29, 2010. I am #196 and still here :)
  4. Green Cat

    i don't buy license by paypal

    I believe it was confirmed that 1.2 comes with a mobile skin.
  5. Green Cat

    Implemented Autosave post drafts

    I would also appreciate this feature. Not sure if LS or database would be the way. LS seems more appropriate for posts and database for threads. But doing two separate ways is subideal. Probably LS with a fallback to db for browsers not supporting LS is a good way.
  6. Green Cat

    ZOMG! Did the twitter updates on the home page change?

    Yes, I also noticed. Probably twitter playing with the design of their embeadables.
  7. Green Cat

    Do you believe in UFOs?

  8. Green Cat

    Log-in via Social Networks ?

    They have an Oauth based API afaik. So in theory it could be done. Have not seen any implementations around though.
  9. Green Cat

    California Case Update

    The Judge is getting the opinion of a Magistrate. May take days/weeks before we get the result. But is probably a good sign.
  10. Green Cat

    I find $this->_unsettling($facebook)

    If you have a developer account on Facebook you did have to verify your phone number. FB has had this check since they introduced fb platform in 2007. When you activate your account for use on, they ask for you phone number to prevent abuse or something. So not much magic...
  11. Green Cat

    California Case Update

    It will not start in 20 minutes, the judge is hearing 9 other motions before the Xenforo one.
  12. Green Cat

    Shadow of The Colosus Movie

    As much as I really like Shadow of the Colossus (and ICO), I am not too excited about the prospect of a movie made out of it. Most video game based movies, at the exception of Silent Hill, were not only average movies but also did not correctly reflect the spirit of the original piece. I...
  13. Green Cat

    California Case Update

    Great to hear that !
  14. Green Cat

    How to become a Well-Known member?

    Gave you a like ;).
  15. Green Cat

    Happy Birthday Kier

    Happy Birthday !
  16. Green Cat

    Minified JS

    Very Much
  17. Green Cat

    XenForo 1.1: Your impressions & discoveries

    Firstly, I would like to congratulate Kier, Mike and Ashley on the first birthday of the release of Xenforo and the great new release as well as thank them for all the efforts they put into it. Now that you have played with it, what do you think of the new features ? Have you discovered...
  18. Green Cat

    XF 1.1 Daily Statistics in XenForo 1.1

    Another great feature. Thanks.
  19. Green Cat

    XF 1.1 Admin Control Panel Search

    Thanks for the awesome feature. I especially like how everything in xf is so easy to build upon.