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  1. Green Cat

    XenForo 1.1: Your impressions & discoveries

    Firstly, I would like to congratulate Kier, Mike and Ashley on the first birthday of the release of Xenforo and the great new release as well as thank them for all the efforts they put into it. Now that you have played with it, what do you think of the new features ? Have you discovered...
  2. Green Cat

    As designed  Marking a forum read also marks children forums read

    I am not sure if this is intended behavior or a bug but though I might as well report it.
  3. Green Cat

    1000 resolved bugs !

    Good job on resolving a thousand bugs :).
  4. Green Cat

    The new "mark forum read" feature

    Great addition, can some time by marking forums which I am not interested in such as the testing one
  5. Green Cat

    Not a bug  Stickies not showing on correct page anymore

    Stickies used to show at their correct place in the pages of forumdisplay in addition to the top of the first page before. I remember reading somewhere before that it was by design and I quite liked it that way. I doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Maybe a bug ?
  6. Green Cat

    Duplicate Strikethrough BBcode

    It would be nice to have a strikethrough bbcode such as . I doesn't have to be a button on the editor but definitely should work if entered by hand, there are some cases when it is just indispensable. EDIT: Sorry duplicate of...
  7. Green Cat

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Simplify/clean the members connected page

    IMO the Members Connected page is very much unlike the rest of XenForo it is too clutored and not very userfriendly. Every single user occupies too much space and there is completely unneeded things such as "Messages: 0 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 0" and "New Member, Male, 36" which do not...
  8. Green Cat

    Source of your username ?

    If you do not use your real name, what is the source of your username ? How did you come up with it ?
  9. Green Cat

    Implemented Followers on profile

    How about showing who is following the user on his profile next to the box showing who he/she follows ?
  10. Green Cat

    Finally finished reading all topics

    Now I can get some work done :D
  11. Green Cat

    Is this new ?

    I don't think the "First Unread" button next to the pagination was here yesterday, but what is the point since clicking on the topic title already brings to the first unread message ? :confused:
  12. Green Cat

    Implemented  Add missing buttons to editor - QUOTE, CODE, PHP, etc.

    More of a feature request than a bug but there is no quote button on the editor. I know that I can just type out the BB-code but it would be more user-friendly to just have the button there to start with.
  13. Green Cat

    Fixed  Server error on Personal Details page

    No matter where you access it from, by clicking on your name in the navbar or from Your Account, the Personal Details page returns a server eror: