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    Are tags valuable? Under used? Should we use them in the main search?

    IME you need members who are somewhat OCD and like to organize things. Those members are suited to tag content and even cleanup tags. I've had functionality developed some time ago which allows specific member groups to moderate & prune tags from the front end. You can find it in @Xon 's...
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    Are tags valuable? Under used? Should we use them in the main search?

    I had something like that developed for vb. Tags would be added if these would meet complex conditions. I do wonder about something: as soon as I switched from vbulletin (vbSEO + my own optimizations) to xenforo, the SEO value of tags went from amazing to worthless. I was getting in a 800k...
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    Are tags valuable? Under used? Should we use them in the main search?

    If you want people to be consistent with tags, then you will need to create articles and guides on what is expected from community members. i.e. how they should tag what. And how they should not. Allow ranking members to tag anything and reward them for it.
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    EU pushes forward on law against hate speech, illegal content. Hosting companies required to take websites offline

    Some developments on this front: Hopefully the threshold...
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    We Miss You!

    Thats a possibility. I don't think its similar to a Facebook poke though. A poke seems meaningless to me. A message that you are being missed has more meaning than that.
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    Signup abuse detection and blocking [Paid]

    You can allow your mods to approve valid email domains. All they need to do is view the search query to see if the domain is fake/temp or not. Then approve the domain or blacklist it. Once you get some domains into your system you will see the number of moderated accounts greatly reduced. I only...
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    Apparently XF Is Like Android And Hacked Up To Pieces

    I don't think there is any form of dishonesty at play. I don't think XF really grasps the scope of the problem. The XF software is great. And there are also awesome addons, developers and other great people here. Yet, people do flee to other platforms. They flee from the massive headache and...
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    how well does Xenforo do at keeping bots from joining the forum?

    Out of the box, its pretty much the same as SMF, but if you add the signup abuse addon then its a world of difference.
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    Apparently XF Is Like Android And Hacked Up To Pieces

    In my opinion XF needs an appstore to grow and attract more developers. Being able to buy and install an addon right from admincp is pure gold. Addon sales would go up if addons are advertised in admincp. This is how WordPress grew. I really enjoy how This discussion might interest you...
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    Make the Report System into a Report System

    We use @NixFifty 's Ticket system to open a ticket for the member, if there is need for communication about the issue. I hope that @NixFifty will consider a 'open ticket for reporter' function in the report system, because that would be very useful. (as this request demonstrates)
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    Apparently XF Is Like Android And Hacked Up To Pieces

    This part is more or less true: Trololol: There have been more than a few events which gave me the impression that they read the XF suggestion forums even more than the XF team themselves. Their past releases seems to be timed to drop a bombshell feature(s) just after the XF HYS. And this may...
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    For Sale: Ownership of the site and IP rights for 41 custom add-ons

    That's a nice collection of addons. I especially like how the hints and tips addon results in new members becoming active members instead of leaving. To illustrate what I mean, here's my review of it:
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    CloudFlare Page Rules

    XF config or nginx config?
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    Stop members who sign up with url in profile

    @Xon 's Signup abuse addon has a feature to catch spammers with links in profile. Its a great way to catch spammers on registration.
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    XF 2.2 Activity summary email

    Are there hooks etc in the template? Is it possible to insert a text or html into the email? For example add a donation button.
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    Allow editing of report comments

    To provide additional information: the is almost a daily annoyance.
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    Could you please explain this?
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    Crowd Sourcing - Language Packs

    I still think that CrowdIn is a good solution for this. Just last week I was translating a WordPress addon and naturally it had CrowdIn support. I used the translation software Poedit to translate the language file and POedit also has CrowdIn support. CrowdIn has become the standard for...
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    Batch update nodes

    No, this suggestion is different. @Stuart Wright want to update the node settings for hundreds of nodes. Not the node permissions.