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  1. Alpha1

    Implemented Write before registration: attribute guest post to existing account for logged out members.

    If a member is logged out and uses the guest reply box to post, because they do not notice that they are logged out. The member may have cleared their cookies and then is logged out without noticing. So they write up a large post, hit reply and then their work is lost. Confused and upset they...
  2. Alpha1

    Count Total Thread Reaction Score for Activity Summary Email

    The number of reactions a first post has received does not necessarily reflect the thread quality. The first post may receive negative reactions, followed by 20 posts with many positive reactions. Or the other way around: If the first post receives positive reactions, but the next 20 posts are...
  3. Alpha1

    Personalize Activity Summary Email: only send content from nodes they are interested in.

    An activity summary can send out content that its totally uninteresting to the recipient. Maybe the member is only interested in one or two sub-forums of your site but dislikes some of the other sub-forums. If they receive content they dislike then most probably they will delete the email...
  4. Alpha1

    XF 2.1 Where can you manage the 'About You' profile field?

    Where can I find settings for the 'About You' profile field? It's not a custom user field. How can I set this to be a required registration field?
  5. Alpha1

    Writing before registration: Multiple posts

    If a guests writes a post, but does not yet complete the registration process, then it makes sense to allow the member to post multiple posts. The more value the member adds, the likelier it is that the member will register and not have the posts deleted. Please allow guests to keep posting if...
  6. Alpha1

    Writing before registration: Send email reminders

    When a guest posts before registering it would be useful to fetch the email address right away. Then when the guest does not register or does not complete registration, then send a few email reminder. For example after 1, 3, 7 days. This will draw the guest back to the site to complete...
  7. Alpha1

    Select the offending text when reporting a post

    TrustPilot has a very good feature when reporting a post: After selecting the rule breach, you need to select the text that contains the rule breach. I would like to propose similar functionality for XenForo: When users report a post, let them select the text in the post that has the issue...
  8. Alpha1

    Fix Web Vitals (CLS, LCP, TTI) to improve SEO and performance.

    Google believes that the Core Web Vitals are critical to all web experiences. Please see this report: You can run this for yourself here...
  9. Alpha1

    Filter to find Reports by Member or Status (Rejected, Resolved)

    In the report center there is a filter for reports for a member. But there is no filter to find reports made by a member. We frequently needs this, because some problematic members use the report function a lot. And its also good to be able to see how many of a members reports were rejected...
  10. Alpha1

    No results for "your search query". Displaying results for 'your OR search OR query'

    Often my members try to search for something and cannot find it. My members are not happy with XFES. One of the most common issues is that they use the wrong search queries. For example if I want to find the HYS thread 'Rest API' but use the search phrase 'does a rest api exist?' then I get 0...
  11. Alpha1

    Expand IP Address Information modal with blacklist check.

    Currently when you click on an IP then a model comes up with the IP address used for the content. IMHO it has little value. In general the information we need is to see if the IP address likely belongs to a spammer. Therefore it would be very useful if this modal would display a blacklist...
  12. Alpha1

    Close Report: block member from re-reporting same issue.

    Some members will never give up. After you deny a report they will keep reporting the same thing ad infinitum. When this happens its highly annoying. We cannot do anything to stop them. Please add functionality to block a member from re-reporting the same issue.
  13. Alpha1

    Duplicate Edit/Delete Reports & Comments (GDPR)

    Report comments cannot be edited. This is annoying when the staff member makes a mistake. It gets really unhandy when someone reports personal information and that information is now duplicated to the report. Or if staff posts personal information to the report in comments. This information...
  14. Alpha1

    Pin Profile Status Update (sticky profile post)

    Profile posts tend to get messy when there is a lot of activity on a profile. For example if you post an important status update on your profile this may get buried by profile posts by other members. I suggest to add a function to pin a profile post to the top. i.e. sticky the profile post...
  15. Alpha1

    Profile Picture Gallery

    Currently when a member deletes their profile picture, its gone forever. But previous profile pictures are interesting to see for members. What I suggest is to display previous profile pictures in a mini gallery. This can be displayed as a sidebar block. Of course it should still be possible...
  16. Alpha1

    Open Profile Picture in Overlay

    Currently if you go to a profile and click on the profile picture then you are sent to a different page. i.e. This page has no navigation. There is no way to get to another page. It doesn't look like xenforo. It would be much more...
  17. Alpha1

    XF 2.1 How to avoid data loss of the homepage field when upgrading to XF2?

    XF1 has a homepage field for profiles. XF2 does not have this by default. How can I avoid data loss when upgrading to XF2?
  18. Alpha1

    Post profile field changes as profile-status posts so members can react and comment

    When you change your job or social status on Facebook, then this causes a post on your timeline, which others can react and respond to. I think it would be nice to have similar functionality on xenforo profiles. The admin would need to set which fields, cause status updates if changed. If the...
  19. Alpha1

    Reply to profile fields

    If members would be able to reply to a profile field, then this would be used a lot. For example. Member X starts a new job and sets their occupation to 'XenForo Addon Developer' Member Y and member Z reply to this to congratulate Member X and discuss the event. It would enhance the social...
  20. Alpha1

    Post Stickers from editor

    Stickers are a nice way to liven up social forums, profiles and conversations. Pretty much all social media has stickers. Example: It would be nice to have an editor button to add...