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  1. bzcomputers

    XF 2.1 Has anyone made Xenforo look like a social site yet?

    It's not needed with XenForo 2.x. All the needed functions already exist within XenForo 2.x, it's just the presentation/template options for a social feed page or widget are not currently available within the core software.
  2. bzcomputers

    Forum folder name for new forum

    Be careful having "forum" in the domain name. This domain name, when sharing it to others unfamiliar with your site, will limit the expected scope of the website to being a forum only. If the site may expand to offer things other than just a forum (like you already mentioned a blog), it may be...
  3. bzcomputers

    Not a bug Incorrect og:url and lack of sitemap inclusion of canonical url for secondary thread pages - affecting SEO

    Currently on secondary thread pages the "og:url" and "canonical" url look like: <meta property="og:url" content="" /> <link rel="canonical" href="" /> 1) Open...
  4. bzcomputers

    SEO (SEO2) [Deleted]

    I find this hard to believe. It was only about $30 to purchase. I think XenForo site admins would rather see fellow site owners do well and improve their sites than worry about the extra $30 they had to spend a year or two ago. The better the software, the more users, the more sites, the more...
  5. bzcomputers

    Add ability to change post author both before and after posting

    There are definitely a couple add-ons out there that work to change ownership/author after the fact. I currently use one, just not the one above. I'd just like to see the option available to change the author before posting and also have it available within the core XenForo code. I know most...
  6. bzcomputers

    How to set up "Goal" for Google Analytics tracking of new registrations?

    Not sure, connected account usage is not something I cared to track. Having those numbers, for me, really wouldn't change anything as far as site development. Someone else may have more info.
  7. bzcomputers

    How to set up "Goal" for Google Analytics tracking of new registrations?

    Not without some custom development.
  8. bzcomputers

    Add ability to change post author both before and after posting

    Ahh, those are some good work arounds. Totally forgot about incognito mode too.
  9. bzcomputers

    Add ability to change post author both before and after posting

    There are occasions it would be nice to have the ability to change the author prior to publishing a post. It is not unusual for admins to have access to and post under multiple accounts. It would be nice to not have to logout and back in just to make a post. This is especially useful if you've...
  10. bzcomputers

    XF 2.2 Redirecting requests to deleted threads

    Yes, you are correct if the rules weren't added to the server config they should not be working right now. Make sure they restart Apache, it is required anytime a change is made to the server config.
  11. bzcomputers

    XF 2.2 Redirecting requests to deleted threads

    You would add something like this to your Apache Post VirtualHost include... <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> <Directory "/home/XXXyoursitedirectoryhereXXX/public_html"> Options -Indexes AllowOverride None RewriteEngine On # Force SSL RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule (.*)...
  12. bzcomputers

    XF 2.2 Redirecting requests to deleted threads

    If the original poster can formulate a redirect rule, he has more than enough ability to simply move the .htaccess rules to the server config. We're literally talking ten minutes of work for a XenForo site.
  13. bzcomputers

    XF 2.2 Redirecting requests to deleted threads

    If possible (that is, you have root access) and are running Apache you should not use .htaccess at all. You should be using the main server configuration to implement your redirects. This goes for the XenForo standard redirects also. Apache has said this for probably over ten years. Why not...
  14. bzcomputers

    Mental Health Matters

    Yes, as mentioned above a domain change would change the url. Within XenForo you can easily send out an email to inform your members of the domain change if you decide to go that way. You can also still keep the old one (until your registration for it runs out) and just forward visitors to the...
  15. bzcomputers

    Mental Health Matters

    Well, to be honest I kind of chuckled over the long domain name myself, so that may have been it. It is more of a website description than a domain name. That being said I was just posting to offer up a couple other domain name options that are currently available that may help shorten your...
  16. bzcomputers

    XF 2.2 How do you install add-ons that you're not sure if they'll cause problems in XF2.2?

    Regaining control panel access If you find that an add-on is preventing you from accessing the control panel or from disabling add-ons, you can temporarily add the following line to the end of your src/config.php file: $config['enableListeners'] = false; Additional info and details can be found...
  17. bzcomputers

    XF 2.2 Welcome to XenForo 2.2 / What's still to come

    @gogo @peterle @Serpius If you want to see "Member Self Delete" implemented: Vote for it here: If you want it right now (currently only working up to version 2.1), use this add-on...
  18. bzcomputers

    Move Share Options Farther to the top

    Herein lies the problem. The sharing as it currently exists is not as user friendly as it could be. - I would bet most visitors and likely some admins (I being one) of XenForo had no idea what that icon meant by just looking at it initially. Hovering over it (not available on mobile) or...
  19. bzcomputers

    Give User an Option to self-delete their Account

    Lets move this ten year old suggestion back into the picture. "Self Delete" should be a core option. It would also be nice to eliminate dealing with contact form and email requests (in some cases both from the same person) asking for what they should be able to do themselves at any time. I...