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  1. pablo escobar

    Member labels quantity changed?

    My search fu has failed me, and this is probably addressed eslsewhere.... I thought I noticed that soon after launch, I had enough posts to graduate from new member to member, but now I've fallen back. Did they up the post count requirements for different labels, or is something else going on?
  2. pablo escobar

    What happened to the thread preview?

    I thought when I first came to the forum, and you hovered the cursor over the thread title, it showed a snip of the first thread content..... Now, it shows a vbtooltip of go to first post. That's lame, if that functionality has been taken away. Is there a poll somewhere where a moran wanted...
  3. pablo escobar

    First Unread button seems superfluous

    While inside a thread, at the top of the thread, and at the bottom of the thread, left hand side, there is an orange boxbutton that says "first unread" Huh? I can't envision a use for the top one, nor the bottom one, except for the rare case of a visitor clicking into the middle of a thread...
  4. pablo escobar

    Browser issue Google Spellcheck not working

    This is a "bug'' that is irritating and found in vb4 too. The richtext editor doesn't allow google to see what's in the editor box. When switched to a plain editor box, it then becomes visible to google's spellcheck. tested on ie8 - FAIL tested on FF366 - PASS
  5. pablo escobar

    Where's the visual cue for threads I've participated in?

    It's been answered already, I'm sure, I'm just not finding it. thanks in advance!
  6. pablo escobar

    Features I don't like in xenForo

    I don't like my avatar to show beside the reply box at the bottom of a page. I keep thinking that it's another post or the thread is finished. If it's kept, then at least move the pagination links above the replybox.
  7. pablo escobar

    Number of Posts Displayed in Personal Preferences

    Google, and quite a few other places, have as one of their personal preferences in your user profile the number of items to display per page. For a forum, this only makes sense. Some users will have a fast connection, okay the majority nowadays, and would prefere to set themselves the number...
  8. pablo escobar

    Lack of interest [Suggestions] What's New ease of use

    A couple of ideas...... When thinking about how users use forums, it seems to me that a very typical behavior is to hammer what's new. A user will click what's new first, read a thread of interest, then hit what's new again, find a thread of interest, repeat ad nauseum. However, since they...