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  1. ge66

    As designed Moderator bar shows but it shouldn't

    Just updated my forum to XF2. Reports now goes to forum. My moderators don't have permission to approve /reject users. They say that they now see the moderator bar with only that choice. It shouldn't be seen because they can't do anything in the moderator bar.
  2. ge66

    As designed Romanize titles in URLs

    There is a problem with how /src/vendor/dokuwiki/utf8.php is used. This bit doesn't seem to be used: global $UTF8_ROMANIZATION; if(empty($UTF8_ROMANIZATION)) $UTF8_ROMANIZATION = array( // scandinavian - differs from what we do in deaccent...
  3. ge66

    XF 2.0 Different layout and text in a specific node

    There is a "Override user style choice" in every forum. I guess that could be used to have a special look in a specific forum. If I had a classifieds forum and wanted it to have a diffrent backgrund color in a separate style and force it on the forum. On XF1.5 I always thought it was overkill to...
  4. ge66

    XF 2.0 Want to hide avatars in a forum

    I have understood how to change a node icon by using css: .node--id3 .node-icon i:before { content: "\f1ea"; } But I would also like to hide avatars in a specific forum. .node--id3 .structItem-cell--icon { display: none; } Without .node--id3 it hides avatars in all forums but I just...
  5. ge66

    XF 2.0 Advertising, widgets, public navigation from test server to real server

    Is there any way to export advertisments and advertisment positions from a test server to be able to import them to the real server when it is updated? The same for widgets and widget positions? And customized Public navigation? Languages and styles can be exported and imported, is there...
  6. ge66

    XF 2.0 Widget options in template

    I found somewhere that you can put something like this in a template: <xf:widget class="XF:MembersOnline" opt-limit="50" opt-staffOnline="1" title="Test Online Members" position="sidenav" /> To show a widget with some options. The questions I have, is this good to use or is it better to use...
  7. ge66

    As designed Old date in New posts

    Bug, looks strange?
  8. ge66

    XF 2.0 Setting canChangeLanguage and canChangeStyle

    There is the following in two templates: <xf:if is="$xf.visitor.canChangeLanguage()"> and <xf:if is="$xf.visitor.canChangeStyle()"> I wonder if there is somewhere you can set them to no somehow for all but admin without changing the templates and wrapping the sections in conditionals.
  9. ge66

    As designed Signature option when no signatures is allowed

    This is a small one. I don't allow anyone to use signatures. There is still an option for it on the following page. http://localhost/account/preferences Show people's signatures with their messages
  10. ge66

    Fixed Breadcrumb does not show forum

    I have asked this in an other thread, but have not got an answer, might it be a bug? I am testing with two categories that has blank "Parent navigation entry" and Node as type. They also have "Display children in navigation". This makes every forum in the category show up in subnavigation, so...
  11. ge66

    Fixed Hidden node show up in navigation

    A moderator forum that has View node set to No is not shown in the forum list, exactly as it should be. But the link to it shows up in navigation. (I have a category node at root level and Display children in navigation set, the moderator forum is a child of that category)
  12. ge66

    XF 2.0 Floating sticky menu

    The top button in the lower right corner of XF2 pages just appears when you scroll up. I would like it to be the same with the sticky menu. I have done something like that in my XF1.5 but have forgotten how, and maybe there is some easy way to do it, maybe reusing some of the Top button code?
  13. ge66

    Tabs on Watched threads and Watched forums

    This is not quite a bug but more of a design omission, I think? I think there should be tabs in the top of Watched threads and Watched forums.
  14. ge66

    Fixed Remove all traces of Profile post

    After setting all, "Profile post permissions" to No I think I should not see anything related to Profile posts anywhere. This is what I have found: http://localhost/account/privacy Post messages on your profile page: http://localhost/account/preferences Posts on your profile Mentions you in a...
  15. ge66

    XF 2.0 How to best use Public navigation with categories

    I am testing with two categories that has blank "Parent navigation entry" and Node as type. They also have "Display children in navigation". This makes every forum in the category show up in subnavigation, so clicking on the category you can easily choose any forum directly in the menu. The...
  16. ge66

    XF 2.0 Link to specific search

    I am trying to make a link that searches a specific forum for a specific users all threads in that forum. I have found the following code that finds a users all threads, is it possible to put a forum id in there somehow? <a href="{{ link('search/member', null, {'user_id': $user.user_id...
  17. ge66

    Simplify the discussion list

    ge66 submitted a new resource: Simplify the discussion list - Removes some of the table cells from discussionList Read more about this resource...
  18. ge66

    XF 1.5 Phrase working but wrong language

    I have put the following in EXTRA.css .discussionListItem .lastPostInfo .username:before { content: "{xen:phrase last_message}: "; } and it works in the way that the phrase is in english not in swedish wich is the chosen language. Could this be done in an other way or might it be a bug?
  19. ge66

    XF 1.5 Hide things earlier in navigation_visitor_tab

    At very narrow widths alerts and conversations get merged into the account menu. I would like to know what triggers that so that I can make it happen a bit earlier and have more space for some more needed New link in navigation_visitor_tab on mobile.
  20. ge66

    Remove Profile Posts

    ge66 submitted a new resource: Remove Profile Posts - Removes Profile Posts related stuff that isn't removed by setting all Profile Posts Permission to No Read more about this resource...