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    Paul Walker from Fast and Furious Franchise Dead..

    Don't know if it has been said already, but someone mentioned how are they going to finish F&F7. F&F7 is in Post Production so all the scenes that require actors have been shot.
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    Mark Zuckberberg officially now owns the internet.. 5 billion more facebook members soon...

    Actually, the president is trying to tell me how to spend my money by forcing me to pay for the lazy, welfare sucking wastes of life. As for his "charitable" donations, he gave all of that, every. friggin. penny, to Silicon Valley, a group hell bent on implementing their "Common Core Standards"...
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    Mark Zuckberberg officially now owns the internet.. 5 billion more facebook members soon...

    Or he could use his money to educate these people, build homes and schools, and generally anything else that life requires or needs. Life doesn't require the internet...
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    What is the best program ftp ?

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    Who is the best custom skin designer for xenforo?

    @John is awesome!
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    Logo Disrespect

    It really depends on their method of disrespect, however, from what I have seen before on various forums, websites, etc... I would leave it. My panties don't get up in a bunch over stuff like that so it wouldn't offend me easily.
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    Your Site Wins $1 Million in a Contest - What Do You Buy?

    If I had $1,000,000 with all the taxes taken out, I'd payoff whatever little debts I may have and start an alpaca farm...
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    What was your very first post on XenForo.com?

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    Upbeat Funeral Songs

    It's not upbeat and will make your eyes pour buckets, but I love this song.
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    Post breathtaking pictures!

    Not breath taking to all, but to some, speechless - (My Flex :P )
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    Thou art...

    With thy rod and thy staff, I declare all ye to be a pernicious dissembler!
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    PS4 E3 Streaming now

    For anyone interested http://www.ustream.tv/ps4?CMP=US_PS4_hardware_20130610_8722164
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    This level of stupidness leaves me speechless

    Do you have a link or a source for this? Not doubting, I just want to see what their complaint was.
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    This level of stupidness leaves me speechless

    You should have told him you would do the mod for free but instead make the mod completely obliterate his site. :P
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    Game Of Thrones - On Tonights Episode 9 Do not click If you havent seen it

    Who died? My TV went out a few months ago in my room so I havent been able to DVR it.
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    XenForo on 1.2

    @BlackJacket hahahah I'm talking to myself. :P
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    Liberty Reserve indicted for $6 billion in money laundering

    Not those who were using the service legitly. I'm talking about those who used the service to scam others or to steal from someone else. I bet the majority of people do not know their money could be locked down in this situation. I am also raising doubt that the Government will/would actively...
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    Liberty Reserve indicted for $6 billion in money laundering

    What happens to all that money now? Will they try to return it to those who were wronged? (Which could be in the millions) or will they say f#ck it and keep it? I have a sinking feeling that the latter option will be taken.
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    Photo-sharing community

    Usually, when a website or app is as large as Instagram, there are hundreds of clone software tools out there. Did you use a search engine? I think this will help - http://bit.ly/12X5aOx