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  1. pirock

    XF Default Style's Color Palette RGB Codes

    pirock submitted a new resource: XF Default Style's Color Palette RGB Codes - The RGB codes of XF's Default Style color palette Read more about this resource...
  2. pirock

    Not a bug PM not working right?

    Hi, when I was on one of my test websites, I remembered that I had disabled private messaging. ( I did it by doing this: ACP >Options> User Registration> Initiate Conversation With This User> Nobody), and today, I tried to turn it back on ( ACP >Options> User Registration> Initiate Conversation...
  3. pirock

    What if members have the same username and avatar?

    Hi, the other day I was thinking, a lot of user names are the same. But, what if the avatar was the same too! How could you distinguish them when you are reading threads inside a forum? Of course you could click into the person's profile and see their personal details, but, most people don't...