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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion!

    Error in install: Solution, uncomment this line in php.ini
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    An exception occurred: CloudFlare Error(s): (6003) Invalid request headers in /home/gszone/public_html/library/CFDDoS/Model/CloudFlare.php on line 121 CFDDoS_Model_CloudFlare->_checkForErrors() in CFDDoS/Model/CloudFlare.php at line 95 CFDDoS_Model_CloudFlare->_getZoneId() in...
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    GeSHi Syntax Highlighter

    Im using PHP 5.4.37
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    GeSHi Syntax Highlighter

    But not in XenForo... the minimal extract to recreate the error is: { "version": "1.0.0", } Only with code=js, not with html and others (supposed)
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    GeSHi Syntax Highlighter

    Work :S
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    GeSHi Syntax Highlighter

    I have this bug... With this... (in CODE=js) { "name": "acme/blog", "type": "phpbb3-extension", "description": "This will add an AI with mind reading capabilities to your board who will post your thoughts to a blog", "homepage": "http://yourdomain.com/", "version": "1.0.0", "time"...
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    GeSHi Syntax Highlighter

    I have error reports with this: What is the problem? how i can fix it? thanks!
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    [WMTech] Double Post Merge

    Hello, There a way to make it compatible with Tapatalk, because "skips" the merge and make a new response. :( Thanks!
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    GoodForNothing Notification

    May only work in the 1.4.x but there 1.3.x is no way to work with those comments at the beginning of every php... I had to remove ALL to run the 1.0.1 beta 1 without ERROR 500.
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    GoodForNothing Notification

    Me too :( EDIT: The problem is in the Listener... public static function createPublicContainerTemplate(&$templateName, array &$params, XenForo_Template_Abstract $template) EDIT2: I did work! you must remove the credits at the beginning of template.php and it works! Example: <?php class...
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    Follow or unfollow, that is the question!

    Hello! As I can tell if a user can follow or unfollowing, from the template? <xen:follow user="$user" class="Tooltip" /> I try replacing this line to have more control of the operation... but I can not determine if you can follow and unfollow. I know who follow with: <xen:if...
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    XF 1.3 Change thread prefix with one click

    I like, I'm also looking for something like this!
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    Add-on Limit forum depending on the load

    I would like this also. It is an option that is missing and not a matter of optimization.
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    Add-on Limit forum depending on the load

    Not understand the question. Only wish I could adjust the operation of the forum depending on the load.
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    Add-on Limit forum depending on the load

    Is there any addon that allows disable options as the load of the hosting? phpBB can be configured in the minimum load to search, or disable the entire forum if the load is very high. I am needing something, and can not find it. Thanks!