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    XF 1.2 Where do I install the xenforo files?

    Hi guys, I am having trouble installing the xenforo files into my website (I am very new to website building). I had xenforo as my main site but decided to create a new site that users will have to go through and click on the community button in order to access the forum. I created a new...
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    Cemzoo sitemap add-on installation problems....

    Hi guys, sorry if i have posted this in the wrong section.... I am having trouble installing the Cemzoo sitemap add-on. I have installed all the files into the xenforo installation but when i try to install from the ACP it i get this message: Please enter a valid file name. The requested file...
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    XF 1.2 Message board

    Hi forgive me but I am new to this forum and just wanted to know if anyone new if there was a way to put a message board in the forum somewhere rather than having to use a forum and post new threads all the time. Any help would be appreciated.