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    Good Php Book to start

    Can somebody recommend good PHP MYSQL book to learn php and to become a pro php programmer thanks
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    Where to upload and install

    hi all till date i did not view other threads in xenforo, only pre-sale questions. Coz i believe in xenforo, (digital point moved to xenforo - my main reason to choose xenforo) Today my question is, I want my main site be www.mysite.com and the forum in www.mysite.com/forum What i will be...
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    Is Resource Manager to Buy

    Is resource manager necessary to buy for inital forum setup. Can somebody explain resource manager differently, i cant get it what explained in the details. pls thanks
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    Choosing Hosting

    Very much confused. For Black Friday A2 hosting offers 52% off. so I can buy a linux vps unmanaged for $5/month atleast for the first year. But i am new to linux vps environment. They don't give cp, only root access. So I need to learn to use my VPS Linux to make it secure. Intially , i was...
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    Creating New Style

    If i create a new style in the admin section is new theme files are created like css?
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    Site Plan

    Ok this what i am planning, I plan to install my forum in the folder www.mysite.com/forum When the forum increases its members, will try to make a commercial portal with news, videos, blog, articles, anyting else so the site will be www.mysite.com/ www.mysite.com/news/...
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    Professional Themes for Xenforo

    Is there any professional themes available for Xenforo something similar to PureVb for VB don't want sultan themes thanks
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    Xenforo Architecture and Framework.

    What Framework xenforo is build on. And is what is the architecture. Will be buying in 10 days. I am good in PSD html, css. Will learn PHP so i can customize the forum or create plugin for the requirements and to manage in the future. More questions in my mind coz if i buy the forum and launch...
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    Does Os Matter in Hosting

    Does the OS matter in h osting whether ubuntu, fedora, cent os
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    Better Hosting Solutions so mails not blacklisted

    I am planning to launch a forum, ofcourse that will be sending subscription to thread emails and other emails for the members. what is the best hosting solutions so mails sending from the forum are not blacklisted. If all plans goes well, i would expect 100,000 members in the first year and...
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    Level of PHp to study to modify xenforo

    I have no idea about php. but what is the level of php expertise required to modify xenforo, creat mods, manage bugs etc
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    How long will it take to do the settings and start the forum

    This is my ignorance, How long will it take to do the settings and start the forum,
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    Video and Other Plugins and Installation

    Hi does xenforo has subscribtion system to have BST feature. Does it comes with BST feature or is that an additional plugin. Is there a video plugin that can be used to store video in xenforo database and stream it. Don't want to use you tube. Last Question. Can i install Xenforo locally ...