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    XF 1.2 Email question

    One thing I've really liked is the very professional/neat looking notification emails (PM's etc). However I was a little disappointed that the the 'Email all users' function in the back end didnt leverage these same email templates. Is there something I've missed?
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    Not a bug Two toolbars in Quick Reply - Chrome

    This is.... odd... Any ideas?
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    Thank you

    I've been running a local Motorcycle forum for the past 6 and a half years here in Canberra. In that time, we started with PHPBB and a couple of years in moved to VBulletin. I moved it to VB at the time because it was the biggest and most supported forum software out there. Oh, how times have...
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    Question about mass user deletion

    Evening all, Quick Q about mass user deletion. I've managed to work out a nice combination of searches against the xf_user table that would clear out 9/10ths of the spam accounts that were generated over in VB before I migrated (in hind sight I should have tried this BEFORE I migrated, but oh...