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    XF 1.5 How to change email address in account

    Hello, How can I change the email address in my XenForo account? Is there any way to have additional email addresses so two or more of us can be notified of updates?
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    New License

    Hello, I'm not sure if this Pre-Sales forum is where I should be asking about this. We have very recently purchased the XenForo license. We haven't downloaded the software or anything yet. The account is in my name. Is there any way my teammate can set up his own account using his own...
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    How to access learning materials

    Hi, I've just purchased the XenForo license. I'm still unable to access the learning materials. What do I need to do? Thanks
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    Address, etc. of license holder

    If I purchase the XenForo license under my name, address, phone, etc., but it's for our soon-to-be company, will I be able to change it to the company's info later? If I have to purchase it under our soon to be company's name and info, will I be able to use my personal credit card to purchase it?
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    Buy me a beer

    I see "Buy me a beer" at the bottom right of some forums. Is this in the core XenForo or is it an add-on? I searched for an add-on for it, but can't find it. Thank you
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    Show names of online members

    I'm looking at the XenForo settings on the demo. I can't tell if there's any way to set it so Admins can see who is on the forum at all times. We also need to make sure users are unable to over-ride this setting to make themselves not visible. Do we need a special add-on or customization for...
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    Private Messages

    I see posts at these forums about XenForo's private messaging system, yet I don't see it anywhere. How can I find it and try it out? Is it similar to Facebook private messaging? Thanks
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    Is it possible to follow registered users?

    Is it possible to: 1) Make sure all registered users currently on the forum have their names/usernames showing? (i.e., not allow them to make the option of hiding their presence.) 2) Be able to follow a registered user when they're on the board, to see which forums they go to or where they're...
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    What does it mean when an add-on says this?

    What does it mean when an add-on says not available where the pricing should be? Is that just because I'm not a XenForo member yet? Or does it really mean it's not available any more?
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    How long has XenForo been around?

    Could you please tell me how long XenForo has been around?
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    Live Thread app needed?

    I see an app called Sonnb Live Thread. It says no need to refresh page to see new replies. Do users really need to refresh pages to see new replies? Just wondering if this app is really needed. Thanks
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    Names of forums visible to unregistered guests

    Is it possible got have it so unregistered guests can see the names of forums or nodes, but not view the posts? Or does this require an add-on?
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    Add-ons quesition

    When add-ons list their price, I never see anything for following years. Or is that the price per year? I don't see anything specified for this.
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    When a user attaches images or videos, are they a pretty decent size or is an add-on needed for that? If so, could you recommend and add-on?
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    Extended XenForo License

    At the purchase page for XenForo, it says the $140 license fee includes 12 months of ticket support and upgrades. Support and upgrade access can currently be extended for $40 for an additional 12 months (see details). Bulk discounts are also available. (details) The link to the details page for...
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    Are there themes that load faster and are more secure?

    Are there themes you'd recommend for a faster load time? What about security?
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    Hiding a private forum?

    1) Is it possible to hide a private forum so it isn't listed on the board for everyone to see? I'd like only the ones in the private forum to know it's there. 2) Is it possible to allow unregistered guests to see the names of forums and subforms but be unable to view them until they register...
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    If we hire a developer not familiar with XenForo

    If we hire a developer who is not familiar with XenForo, will he have a long learning curve if we have him develop a XenForo theme for us that matches our website? Will it be hard for him to know how to make the theme so that it can easily be updated when XenForo does updates or new versions...
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    Is it possible to preview XenForo Resource Manager and Image Gallery?

    Do you have previews for Resource Manager and Image Gallery before they're purchased?
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    If we have a custom theme

    If we have a developer integrate XenForo into the website he's going to do for us and he'll also customize XenForo to the same design of our website, does the developer have to do updates to the theme he creates on a regular basis to keep it or XenForo from being hackable? What about when...