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  1. mrtn

    Add-on [Widget] Full thread list with "read more" links

    Dear xenForo-veterans, I noticed that www.apfeltalk.de uses xenForo with a very nice, custom index-page, showing all threads of a node with a little excerpt and a "read more" link (like in a regular blog). I figured out that they use the widget framework, however, but I couln't find out which...
  2. mrtn

    XF 1.4 UI.X: Adding a custom tab to navigation

    Hey everybody, I'm totally new to xenForo, just bought it and the UI.X theme yesterday :) I'm wondering how I can add a custom tab to the main-navigation (especially, I want to have a page as a menu-item). I found some old solutions where i have to add some code the the navigation-template, but...