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  1. pablo escobar

    [No thanks] Lose the avatar next to quick reply

    I had a problem with the avatar beside the reply box when the page links were below. Now that the page links seperate the reply box, I have no strong opinion either way. PE
  2. pablo escobar

    My Bike

    and I just noticed, the post buttons (post, upload, more) have moved to the far right, far away from the reply box?
  3. pablo escobar

    My Bike

    How come when I click on the images, nothing happens?
  4. pablo escobar

    Lack of interest People Viewing Sections/threads

    Forum activity is an important tool not in attracting visitors, but in getting them to stay. Once they stay, being able to see who's on what thread builds a sense of closeness.
  5. pablo escobar

    Not a bug  wrong position of new post within thread

    I like the current behavior too. No change needed or option wanted in my opinion.
  6. pablo escobar

    Member labels quantity changed?

    Andy, even "inflated" post counts mean something...... It means the person with them has spent a lot of time on the forum, reading threads, even if the "spammy" comments is simply +1.
  7. pablo escobar

    Member labels quantity changed?

    For me, post count is just an indicator of newbieness or not when visiting a foreign forum. It helps me to mentally weigh the worth of some posts content. I'm sure others use it for the same crutch.
  8. pablo escobar

    Member labels quantity changed?

    My search fu has failed me, and this is probably addressed eslsewhere.... I thought I noticed that soon after launch, I had enough posts to graduate from new member to member, but now I've fallen back. Did they up the post count requirements for different labels, or is something else going on?
  9. pablo escobar

    What happened to the thread preview?

    Maybe I'm confusing thread preview with the forum description...... Hover over a forum name, and the forum description rotates into view.
  10. pablo escobar

    What happened to the thread preview?

    I thought when I first came to the forum, and you hovered the cursor over the thread title, it showed a snip of the first thread content..... Now, it shows a vbtooltip of go to first post. That's lame, if that functionality has been taken away. Is there a poll somewhere where a moran wanted...
  11. pablo escobar

    Implemented  Drop the "star" image for threads with new posts

    deleted: Never mind, I misunderstood the post.
  12. pablo escobar

    Location links to Google Maps - awesome!

    Blatant promotion: http://theamericandictator.com/content.php/133-Google-has-created-a-virtual-GPS-on-YOUR-laptop-desktop-computer-cellphone.-Really! I blogged about this before. Google's Geolocation is actually more acurate than a GPS than you realize... While they don't, as usual disclose...
  13. pablo escobar

    Why is it called XenForo, anyway?

    well, then another appropriate term could have been..... xenFori
  14. pablo escobar

    First Unread button seems superfluous

    While inside a thread, at the top of the thread, and at the bottom of the thread, left hand side, there is an orange boxbutton that says "first unread" Huh? I can't envision a use for the top one, nor the bottom one, except for the rare case of a visitor clicking into the middle of a thread...
  15. pablo escobar

    Browser issue Google Spellcheck not working

    This is a "bug'' that is irritating and found in vb4 too. The richtext editor doesn't allow google to see what's in the editor box. When switched to a plain editor box, it then becomes visible to google's spellcheck. tested on ie8 - FAIL tested on FF366 - PASS
  16. pablo escobar

    Lack of interest [Suggestions] What's New ease of use

    bump for opinions? Am I missing something obvious, and everyone is embarrassed for me?
  17. pablo escobar

    Where's the visual cue for threads I've participated in?

    Yep, that's it. I saw the post icon thread, and didn't realize it was related.
  18. pablo escobar

    Where's the visual cue for threads I've participated in?

    It's been answered already, I'm sure, I'm just not finding it. thanks in advance!
  19. pablo escobar

    Features I don't like in xenForo

    Interesting that there are so many strong opinions about the the avatar and the pagination links..... pro and con. Probably a good candidate for an admin control panel option.